India-China Conflict: Army Ready To Firmly Retaliate – Officials

Ten India soldiers including a lieutenant-colonel and three majors who were detained after the violent confrontation which took place between India-China on June 15 were released by China. In the clash, about 20 Indian soldiers were killed, and 76 were injured. At the same time, China has not officially made any statement about the casualties, but army source says at least 35 Chinese soldiers have been killed or injured. The release of the men, came about after three days of negotiations in the Galwan Valley headed by a Major General of the Army.

The Army, while not commenting on the details of the release, stated all soldiers involved in the clash have now been accounted for.

The border between the two nuclear powers in the region is poorly demarcated and can shift with topographical changes.

Satellite images indicate an extensive Chinese buildup in the region on their side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) but within a kilometre of Indian positions. There is no sign of Chinese backing off from the region as the satellite image shows construction activities getting carried on.

Released Uninjured:

The Indian Express quoted officials stating that Indian soldiers were released by at 5 pm on June 18.

As per the reports, the released soldiers were medically examined and provided a preliminary debriefing. “They were returned unharmed,” said The Hindu.

It was the first time after the July 1962 India-China war in the same region, Galwan Valley, that Indian soldiers got captivated. At least 30 Indian soldiers were killed, and the Chinese captured several dozens.

Meanwhile, earlier on June 18, the Indian Army had denied about its soldiers under Chinese custody. The official Army statement said, “No Indian troops missing in action.”

Later in the day, the Indian Army said 76 of its soldiers were wounded in June 15, clash in Galwan Valley. It added that 56 of those injured had been cleared to return to work “within a week.”

A clash at Nathu La in 1967 was the last biggest encounter between India and China, where India lost around 80 soldiers while the Chinese side suffered 300 casualties.

India-China Border Conflict:

Both the nation alleged each other for the confrontation. India said Chinese troops had killed its soldiers were killed in a planned attack while officials were in peace talks to defuse the tension on the LAC.

China declined the allegation and said it was India who made the first move by stating that Indian front-line provoked which ended up in a fierce battle.

Border issues between India-China is a decade long headache for the current Indian Prime Minister which he has been handling since he took charge of the office.

Amid a call for the boycott of Chinese goods and cancellation of the contract with Chinese firms, Chin’s flag and posters of China’s President Xi Jinping were burned in at least two cities.

Having a close political and defence tie with India, the United Nations extended its condolence over the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

In the wake of tension with Bejing, there is a rising call for India to tighten its relationship with the US and other allies say, diplomates.

Officials said that the bloody face-off has is a turning point in relations between Indi-China, not just because of the bitterness that is likely to creep into relations but also because of the message that it had sent. As per the reports, officials stated that if Beijing further disregards agreements and attempts to unilaterally change the status quo, the Indian Army is prepared to tackle the issue firmly.

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