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Doosra Pehlu

Immortalizing The Broom



Modi Cleaning Road

A non-human aptitude check on Indian governance- retrospective analogies are drawn in to savour a colourful political jest…..

Murky Nostalgia: Thinking of humanity, I am one of many objects that humans pay for my service to their kind. Not all can boast of having bent god’s most intelligent creatures to reach for us. ‘Oh, have I acquired the recent political credit-taking-flu. Nah! It’s just after ages of proud existence, the non-human me has begun doubting myself or maybe I am suffering from the human-life-end paranoia of being not enough as a cleaning resort.

Broom Stick Seller

Source: Google Images

Don’t you bother with your hiccups as soulful humans have long back entered the non-feeling realistic zone with their SGS (Scion Gandhi Standard) kinda maturity, so we have mutually switched our reasoning goals? Lord for underage-politics sake, humans have to rewire themselves as this SGS trolling be the discussions on the cot or stand-in-line bank cash initiative to unfateful Akhilesh-camaraderie is affecting the non-thinking class that are in equal scrutiny as much as my sweeps, how far- fetched covering each shukkar-to-nukkad! Bless the bearded-white-kurta looks aced with poor-hugging ideology; once rivals now feel at par with SGS for every responsible mess!

Broom Dooms: With clinkering defeat in Punjab, I lament how humans belong to same species yet are different as an individual, uniquely meant for a purpose. Keeping politicians & actors out of this league ‘Kyunki neta ka beta abhineta toh abhineta ka neta and vice-versa ho sakta hai.’ This, of course, is to be figured out before they die for normal janta but before elections for above-normal janardhans. It’s the post-election loss that reminds me of success-failure experiences that sum up human journey- that they fondly refer as life.

AAP with Jhaadu

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Different I agree, so are we evolved from a simple bunch of twigs and haystacks to vacuum pumps, the aspect of purposeful existence is what I actually disagree about humankind. Do they really think about what impact each one could have as themselves? I dare not-to-touch any god to believe we were better off leading a purposeful life, more justified in society for what we offer –a cleaner surrounding. However hard the next day might seem, determined to continuously deal with the same dirt-spit-filth so-called privileged humans are never tired of assembling. You might be thinking why a goddamn jhadu is giving us its opinion, ‘Of course, why shouldn’t I, am also part of world’s biggest democracy (subject to conditions if-I-was living).’

Dusting Hopes: Like every era has its fickle excitement, I have had mine when we were made to represent a very unconventional political party. Life was full of dharnas-and-anshans then came my first sweep task in clean-hell. We reached the national capital and once again humans lost it to settle for never-arriving hope. Realizing how I prefer, humans talking over humans working, for the latter kind are disappearing in the age of pro-promise politics. I get all teary eyed not because I’m reminded of our symbolic let down as Adam Aaj Party’s resolutions but for my reputation that is constantly being put at stake for every high to low profile sneeze.

Considering this a highly challenging time for we brainless entities, a party symbol representing nation’s capital is far beyond respect we couldn’t afford even with million sweeps. What gets me nervous is not being able to stretch enough as the ultimate safai-weapon for every thought of human mess be it for sanitation or corruption, the poor or rich; my so-called non-living existence is yet to come to agreeable terms with Indian mannerisms. Corruption brought masses to streets for once I thought Gandhi topi and myself together can relive the 1940’s magic again.

Girl with Broom

Source: Google Images

Long-term learning teaches that picking topics of corruption, poverty, unemployment is easier, even easier is the mudslinging regime by the chosen ones. But when it comes to taking steps- it’s a call for mayhem thereafter. Phoenixed from Manmohak-silence to Modivating over-animated times, if demonetization was a step taken forget to brief correctly or a proper parliament discussion not for people, not for the country but for the fear of digitalized jhaadus or rather denying their take on party-comes-first-sake; couldn’t do in our term, neither let anyone be the policy.

Talking of my Delhi stint, it’s unfair to load on such a valuable piece of the invention (Punjab- a badly done homework). Yes, calling myself valuable doesn’t give me an easy entry in the Braggadocio Jalebi Pantry. After their stupendous saffron upsurge in Uttar Pradesh, taking the limelight off the fact that whatever they try to make in this pantry ends up to have a jalebi midpoint (pointing towards previous Con-shresh party couldn’t do).

Rinky-Dink Wash: Suddenly aware of how much of ‘I’ that has been used to address my state of anxiety which is seriously again a non-human concern no matter how much we do; acknowledging and appreciation will be superficial until I am alive and once I reach my end would have a fancy new replacement. This is the way I see life. Before I go, wish to be more of use than humans, to my country and fellow brothers. Striking sentiments is the best surgical operation performed by every party as once in a lifetime endeavour. ‘I, me and myself standards are the motivational thing that drives aspiring politicians, you see!

Don’t believe me, examples: Mentally-Not-Stable party passionately working on Valentine’s day and any P-word (Pakistan)stimulus, Holi celebration turned upside down for Saanjhi-wadi party (as they no longer make it all in family) to come what may pop-culture Amma-DMK fused with Aa-kali-DJ-di party that can dare sing another tune sooner (P.S. Rajani allowed).

Remember Stree-na-bhool throwing industrialists for land-votes mightier than job-antics. Ma-party-over-mati bhalo because of poverty, talking about poor giving them all it takes to remain one should be the only blindfolded bandh games, this West or only Bengal can march to Delhi for (Modon-Sharada drop silence over grave child trafficking whispers, its small a topic- life over cash!). Do out of box or late by an era thing, grab the never slept public by eyes be it water issues, electricity or Dalit issues all of which might be issues to be worked upon since independence ( better say a substantial amount of work done as there’s an anti-national tagging in fashion). While they keep busy with land-food- water (such humanitarian) issues, ‘Sahi hai ek machar’ comes in action as progressive human vigilantes with dengue-chikungunya-malaria with no state preferences of course. Ideal enough left with advice to slip in swadeshi jeans, burn desi mosquito coils and sleep tight for the longest possible season for common sense to hit back. By the time I mop, they already launch cricket shoes in the market to prevent no-balls!

Pious pickings: In a wholesale market where I was once sold out, had my second sweep of free wisdom. The shopkeeper was thanking the lord for the increase in sales, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, he said to his wife could be their store tagline. It dawned upon me how this association with god was the cause why simple things like cleanliness has become complicated like religion, debatable with its significance reduced to bloat-to-burp-and-belch opinions.

Mahakumbh 2018 Broomstick

Source: Google Images

We are trying to live with well half of the Indian population that start the forehead-to-throat touching exercise when stumbled upon us as the lord-fearing-lot believe us to be Goddess Laxmi’s avatar and the other half hang us outside doors for good luck. ‘It’s the population spurt dear, don’t you see,’ the next to godliness doesn’t make us feel better anymore. As fellow jhadoos suggest India might be the world leader in terms of human strength for sure and therefore exponentially worsening our working conditions.

Logical enough if they can discuss language, colour even animal rights as issues then it’s about time anybody saner (or sinner) chooses population to enrage affecting broom community. Radio and television channels should be running segments with us as experts on discussing how lesser humans would equal lesser mess thereby reduce the broom workload. I swear to every breathing tree left, I am already feeling so relieved just with the thought of population control campaigns in India. With Barkharnab-exit, our jhaado placard holders going against humans, ‘Ab bas bhi karo, Na chalega ek na do!’

Mopped Reasoning: Human urge and control are the words still on the way to Indian discovery. To spit or put one’s fly down to pee is a freedom right. That freedom for which they fought for a hundred years, democracy comes as a long overdue. Democracy allows indulgences of forgetting the rich cultural heritage which this glorious nation is still trying to put in one frame. How intolerant it might seem to withhold onto even a mouthful of words, be it a troubling cough or in some special cases paan or tobacco unleashing in public. That is so liberating! All the garbage- scraps, packets and peels can’t be within the periphery of their homes but throwing at the neighbour’s is the childishness every Indian adult refuses to part with.

Kid with Broom

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Scribbling on buses or monuments, public property treats to pen immortal Romeos (v/adj. Shakespearean-slang) of today. With uncountable Nirbhayas reduced to candlelight marches, their urge to abuse, eve tease, molest and violent engagements remain just long withheld outbursts of Indian freedom. Domestically I am assumed to be female propriety so if a man tries to use me for jhaado like women do, the mohalla would go gaga over his manliness, may be mothers would come snatching it to protect their son’s masculinity. Gladly we still remain a feminine association for frustrated mother-wives rescue as their kids-husbands get thrashed in lieu of any injustice; thankfully my qurbaani is somberly utilized as a mild punishment.

Getting to the crevices: While serving humanity last few twigs of my stature splits away in shame when child rights, malnutrition and education- things I can think of now, cannot sketch a dream-worthy future. Oh, please don’t think of me as one in Nobel peace anticipation or a social activist as I have failed badly because never has a Neta made it a political uprage nor any Non-neta anticipated it as a full-time endeavour.

Wife Hitting Husband With Jhaadu

Source: Google Images

I approached a politician who mistook malnutrition as Manchurian and strongly inferred Chinese links to it. Speaking of rights-questioned me on being Right-or-Left wing supporter and education as not his ministry. From the US -Trumponomics crash course for aspiring politicians, I found the key- talking about people’s biggest insecurities, supporting and flagging them as your political manifesto can lead to any dump victory. Who would have thought that national party’s symbol would come to life with its trust in politics?

Shelved Trash: At last I have whisked to provide iconic cleaning services these days. Thanks to the stars and politicians posing with us, we make headlines due to the riveting ‘Switch Broom Campaign’. Apart from posing we have made our presence felt in social media through facebook with ‘Safai ho na ho, gali-gali wifi-ka naara ho!’ Amidst all this paparazzi there is only one man that made us feel any good- Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi with Jhaadu

Source: Google Images

In times of twitter update like short-lived gratitude, this very nation where Bapu gave his life for independence; for not distinguishing people for colour or classify them as the kind of work they do, unfortunately only to be reduced to chapters in constitutional books. It’s left undone where he began right from cleaning one’s own loo (building them first can take another decade) to the initial concept of fasting (unlike now as political-agenda-manvao-tool), making your own stuff to being independent, loving, non-violent so as to transcend to a world where ultimately everyone will have to share the same room of deeds. ‘Wait if you meant Almighty’s abode- I have my plans, moving to Mars at 50 (no room for brotherhood), tweaked my old haystack friend interrupting that they were no more in use even in villages so taking inspiration from a Famous Patel from Bapu’s land to catch attention of suave new broom companies who have stopped making their kind.

Filed crap-sheet for disowning the age-old gratitude by conventional jhaadoo committee. I with all gross in the head could only suggest that if one is not in two minds for working hard (imagine caste/quota being no longer a career swipe card) then where is the harm in letting go of previous reservations upgrading our D-VIP values (dormant volcanic Indian proprietorship). Humans have pigeoned themselves, ‘Politicians aayenge jaal bichayenga, vaado ka daana dalenge,’ and they fall for it each time just like the Indian fables we take pride but no learning yet. Alas, the fact remains we Indians are too much into a Messiah theory, that one day a man with extraordinary (or simply political) powers will come to lead them through their miseries until then don’t throw away your mess, hoard it for a magic that in future someone can turn into gold!

A social enthusiast cutting up public health, nutrition, gender, political issues to redress developmental fall-outs.

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Doosra Pehlu

All About The Bhainsa Riots



Bhainsa Riots Expainer | News Aur Chai

Communal riots broke out in the town of Bhainsa in Telangana after altercations between Hindu and Muslim youth-led to stone pelting on March 7, 2021. Thirty-eight people have been arrested in connection with these riots, the majority being members of the right-wing nationalist organization Hindu Vahini. The police are on the lookout for 70 more people whose parts in the riots have been established.

What Happened In Bhainsa

Two, two-wheeler bourne youths named Thoth Mahesh and Dattu Patel attacked a Rizwan in Zulfiqar Gali. Rizwan and his friends went looking for the two attackers in Batli Gali. There they were beaten up by Mahesh and Dattu and their friends. Stone pelting followed between people of the two communities after one of the friends of Mahesh and Dattu again went to Zulfiqar Gali to buy alcohol and picked up a fight with members of the other community. A constable who tried to intervene and stop the fight sustained head injuries. Section 144 was imposed in the riot-affected areas.

Y. Nagi Reddy, the inspector general of the north zone, has said that 26 cases have been registered about the violence. The 38 people that have been arrested also include four minors. Twelve people, three of which were police officers, were injured in the stone-pelting. Four houses, thirteen shops, four rickshaws, six cars, and five two-wheelers were set on fire riots.

IGP Reddy said, “People belonging to one group were informed, gathered, and were sent to places under the guidance of Abdul Khabeer alias Baba, AIMIM party’s Counsellor from 15th ward.” He added, “The second group was led by Thota Vijay, Counsellor from 8th Ward and ex-president of Hindu Vahini. Some of the arsons committed on the second and the third day and night…..were led by Santhosh, who is the district president of Hindu Vahini.” He also clarified that the investigation was being conducted in an unbiased manner and that the instigators were identified using CCTV footage and Nenusaitham initiative geotagged cameras.

The Other Side Of The Story

Bandi Sanjay Kumar, the state BJP chief, alleged that the police were torturing Hindu Vahini members. He said that the party would complain to the central government against the state police’s third-degree interrogation methods. He also wrote to Telangana’s governor accusing Muslim “infiltrators” from Maharashtra of causing communal tensions in Bhainsa.

“AIMIM leader Mohammad Jabir Ahmed is the cause for communal violence in Bhainsa. They have been involved in land grabbing for a time now and when the local Hindus…… have been spreading the news via social media, communal violence has begun,” BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind told news agency Asian News International.

The official spokesperson of the ruling TRS Krishank pushed back criticism of the State Government by saying, “Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has always been very serious against the communal violence in the state.” He assured action against the riot perpetrators and said, “Strict action will be taken against the people resorting to communal violence in the state and also those who are spreading rumours across social media and are creating disturbances in the society.”

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Doosra Pehlu

Why is Nodeep Kaur Making Headlines?



Nodeep Kaur | News Aur Chai

Nodeep Kaur is a 23-year-old Dalit Labour Rights Activist from Punjab. She is a member of the Mazdoor Adhikar Sanghatan, an organization based in the Kundli Industrial Area of Haryana which works for workers’ rights. She was involved in a protest with labourers at Kundli, on the border of Haryana and Delhi. The protest was about demanding higher wages for workers. It was also in solidarity with the ongoing farmers’ protests against the new farm laws. She was arrested on January 12. A string of charges was made against her following her arrest, including Section 307 (Attempted Murder). Her sister Rajveer Kaur alleged that the police have tortured and sexually abused Nodeep.

Her Background

Nodeep Kaur comes from a Dalit family from Gandera Village in the Sri Muktsar Sahib district of Punjab. Her family is one of the activists, her parents are associated with a farmer’s union, and her sister is a member of the Bhagat Singh Chhatra Ekta Manch. After the lockdown restrictions eased, she started working at a factory in Sonipat, Haryana. She also joined the Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan around this time.

In a video shared by Canadian Poet Rupi Kaur, Nodeep Kaur can talk about Farmer-Labourer Unity. She speaks in support of the farmers’ protests and says that it is not a sole cause, and everyone needs to come out in support of the farmers.

Why Was She Arrested?

Nodeep is a dedicated Labour rights activist. She was involved in a protest, and her associates at the Kundli border demanding higher wages for workers. The protest coincided with the ongoing farmers’ protests and was in solidarity with them. On January 12, a team of Sonipat Police went to the Kundli Industrial Area (KIA), acting on the information of alleged manhandling of management and the staff of a unit and extorting money from them. The police said Kaur and her associates attacked police with sticks and injured seven personnel. Her associates managed to flee, but she got arrested following the incident. She was produced before the court and sent to jail the same day.

The police say they did not seek remand. Sonipat Superintendent of Police said there were prior complaints of extortion against Nodeep Kaur, and a case was registered on December 28 2020. A slew of charges was pressed against her, including Murder, Extortion, Theft, Rioting, Unlawful Assembly, Extortion and Criminal Intimidation and other offences under Sections 148, 149, 332, 353, 186, 384, 379-b, 307. She was sent to the Karnal Jail in Haryana following her arrest.

Allegations Of Sexual Abuse And Torture In Custody

Rajveer, Nodeep’s older sister, visited her in Karnal Jail after her arrest. There, Nodeep told her of the alleged assault by police in Custody. She has alleged that there were no women police officers, and she was taken aside by male cops and beaten black and blue. Rajveer said that she was beaten publicly by male officers, dragged by her hair to the police van. She also said that Nodeep was beaten with sticks and shoes, including her private parts, which caused heavy bleeding. There are also allegations of sexual abuse by male police personnel.

The police vehemently deny these allegations and said that she was kept in the ladies’ waiting room and was accompanied by two female police officers for the entire duration of her stay.

Nodeep claims no medical examination was conducted following her arrest, violating Section 54 of the Criminal Procedure Code. She also claimed that she was made to sign blank papers in Custody. On the contrary, police say that she was taken to the civil hospital to undergo a general medical examination and special medical examination for sexual assault by a lady doctor. But Nodeep did not undergo a medical examination, and she gave a written statement to the doctor stating that she did not want to be examined since she wasn’t assaulted. Denying these allegations, the police said that Kaur did not speak about any assault in front of the magistrate. They called these allegations “an afterthought”.

Her advocate Arshdeep Singh Cheema questioned the statement and asked why the police made two separate requests for medical examinations in the first place.

On January 15, she applied for a medical examination before the magistrate. The magistrate ordered the examination had to be done on January 18. However, her medical examination happened only on January 25, 13 days after her arrest. Cheema claimed that this delay was done to allow her injuries to heal. The medical report later produced before the court pointed out that she did have purplish bruises on her body caused by blunt objects or weapons. Cheema said that these were indicative of the torture she was subjected to by the police.

International Attention For The Case

This case received very little attention before February 6. It was brought to the spotlight by Meena Harris, niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Her tweet came in response to the hate she received from Right Wing Hindutva elements alongside American and Canadian celebrities like Rihanna, Mia Khalifa and Rupi Kaur for speaking in support of the farmer’s protests.

Rajveer expressed her disappointment in the media about the little coverage it got before Harris’s tweet. Following sustained international recognition, many people domestically started speaking actively about the case and demanding Nodeep Kaur and other jailed activists’ release.

Progression Of Court Proceedings

Three First Information Reports (FIRs) were filed against Kaur, FIR numbers 26, 649 and 25. On February 2, a local court denied her bail application. However, the Government authorities were quick to act after international and domestic furore about her arrest picked up post-February 6. On February 8, the Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes asked the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) to provide relief.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court took suo motu cognizance of Kaur’s illegal confinement and alleged police torture on February 12 after receiving complaints of the same via email on 6th and 8th February. The court posted this matter to be heard on February 24 (also the initial date of Kaur’s third bail plea hearing).

On February 12, she got bail on one of the cases, FIR no. 649, which dealt with rioting and other charges. On February 15, she got bail on the second case, FIR no. 26, which dealt with extortion. Her third and final bail application for the case registered under FIR no. 25, which dealt with murder and other charges, was filed on February 15. It was supposed to be heard on February 24, but the court adjourned the case after finding that the state’s medical records were not put on record. The matter was heard finally on Friday, February 26, where she finally got bail.

Justice Avneesh Jhingan also heard the suo motu matter along with the bail plea. This matter will now be discussed in April. Now that Kaur has received bail in all three cases, she got released from jail.

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Doosra Pehlu

Julian Assange’s Extradition Rejected by UK Court



Julian Assange Wikileaks News Aur Chai

On January 4, the UK Court ruled that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States of America to face criminal charges including breaking a spy law, as his present mental health complications suggest the risk of suicide attempt.

However, USA has stated that it would pursue the extradition and US prosecutors are ready to appeal the decision to London’s High Court.

Who is Julian Assange?

The 49-year-old Australian-born Assange has been accused of 18 offences regarding the release by WikiLeaks of a wide range of confidential US military records and diplomatic cables that may endanger the safety of lives. Assange, who spent a significant part of the last decade either in prison or self-imposed confinement, has been denied bail and remains in jail.

The US Justice Department claims that it has won on all the legal points, including political motivation and freedom of speech-related arguments, and thus, it would continue to seek Assange’s extradition.

USA’s government take:

The Obama administration did not prosecute Assange due to concerns about the precedent the case could set in free speech and journalism. Assange’s legal team has held the outgoing US President Donald Trump responsible for pressuring the concerning launch of the US effort for extradition, which could cause a grave threat to press freedom.

However, the White House has not issued any immediate comment on the ruling and Trump administration has given mixed messages. In contrast, the President-elect Joe Biden’s side has refrained from commenting.

Trump had shown his approval to WikiLeaks shortly before the 2016 presidential election for releasing hacked emails which landed his opponent Hillary Clinton in an embarrassing position. However, after Trump took office, his first CIA director Mike Pompeo stated that WikiLeaks was “a non-state hostile intelligence service”.

Ruling of UK Judge and further deteriorating condition of Julian:

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said that her judgment was based only on the possibility of Assange attempting suicide if kept in a US maximum security jail as he suffered from severe depression at intervals and had been diagnosed with autism.

In May 2019, half a razor blade had been discovered in his London jail cell. Assange also told the medical staff that he was having suicidal thoughts and making plans for the same. Baraitser also said that Assange made regular calls to the Samaritans suicide-prevention charity from prison.
According to Baraitser, “I find that Mr Assange’s risk of committing suicide, if an extradition order were to be made, to be substantial. The overall impression is of a depressed and sometimes despairing man, who is genuinely fearful about his future.”

For Assange’s supporters, the ruling was a victory, but the threat of extradition still looms large over his head. His partner Stella Moris said, “I call on the President of the United States to end this now: Mr President, tear down these prison walls, let our little boys have their father. Free Julian, free the press, free us all.”

People in support considers Julian as “Hero”:

Assange supporters consider him to be an anti-establishment hero, a victim for exposing US wrongdoings in Afghanistan and Iraq. Supporters claim his prosecution is to be a politically motivated assault on the press and freedom of speech.

However, the US prosecutors and Western security officials regard him to be a dangerous enemy of the state whose reckless actions in leaking classified information, has imperilled the lives of the agents, named in the material.

On the other hand, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that his country would extend political asylum to Assange and he is in favour of pardoning him.

History of Legal trails with different governments:

Assange’s legal battles began when Sweden sought his extradition from Britain over alleged sex crimes. He lost the case in 2012 and fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London and stayed there for seven years. In April 2019, Assange was finally dragged out from there and imprisoned for breaching British bail conditions. The Swedish case has been dropped till that time. The US Justice Department formally asked Britain last June to extradite him.

However, Baraitser has rejected Trump’s team’s claims for pressuring the US prosecutors due to lack of evidence of hostility on Trump’s part and shunned the claims of the case being political and threatening freedom of speech.

She also said that Assange’s chances of getting a fair trial in the USA were adequate though she believes that Assange had breached investigative journalism boundaries. But she also feels that if Assange is found guilty, he would be sent to ADX Florence maximum security prison (SAM) in almost complete isolation where he could devise a plan of committing suicide, despite their preventive measures.

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