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A Fairytale For One And All- Breaking Stereotypes

Fairy tales have been known for specific portrayal of characters that adhere to conventions. They were largely addressed to little children who looked towards the characters for hopes and wishes. It was the stuff that dreams were made of. One catch, though, what was portrayed didn’t have representations for all members of the society. A majority of them, had men coming to save the damsel in distress. They usually were set in a Middle Ages background of a provincial village. Invariably, there would be a love story that involved the star-crossed lovers uniting against all odds.

Today, however, we are presented with many different narratives and interpretations of these age-old classics. Gender stereotypes are broken with the woman no longer portrayed as a helpless creature; rather she is seen as a self-assured person carving her own path. Similarly, the man is not shown as a stoic figure out of touch with reality but as a sympathetic and supportive human being. Moreover, these movie adaptations are not just for children of today but for those adults who grew up reading these stories in their childhood as well. The cast in these movies is diverse, hailing from different ethnic and cultural communities.

Disney Breaking Stereotypes
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It is heartening to see that fairy tales are not just a utopian scenario. They are every bit attainable by appreciating what we have and the power of good over evil. Physical strength and emotional intelligence are subtly weaved into the story lines in the form of female and male characters who stand for integrity and resilience. Little girls and boys learn that they can be anything they want to be with determination and hard work. As far as morals go, this is a noble one. The pleasant ending in every story is brought out beautifully in terms of the journey and the means to get where we aspire to be. Finally a happily ever after that we can subscribe to realistically!

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