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‘I am more open to challenging roles’ – Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui undoubtedly is one of the most powerful performers who has emerged in the last few years. He struggled extremely hard to enter the door of the industry. And since then, he kept on adding feathers to his success hat. Here’s the first excerpt of the interview with Nawazuddin Siddiqui while he was in New Delhi at Le Mèridien for the press conference of his upcoming film MOM.

#1. Nawazuddin Sir, you are a one- man army. You played a pivotal role in sweeping off the stardom concept from the Hindi film industry. For that, you struggled hard. Now back during your struggling days, did you ever think of giving up?

I did feel that I was just wasting my time as things were not working out. It was a long wait. But I couldn’t even go back. I spent all my life in acting and plus I thought that my friends would tease me for returning to my native. So I kept trying and working.

#2. You played so many characters in different films. How do you manage to juggle between such extreme roles?

The theory of the character is different in every story. There are some characters which demand some preparations. Some demand method acting. The character knows what the director wants. Also, I observed thousands of people around me. All my experiences help me to reflect it in my performances.

#3. In fact, we have seen a trend in all the characters you have played so far. They don’t confine to Bollywood’s good- man definition and often dwindle from one shade of grey to another. Are you like fascinated towards these grey-shaded characters more?

Ji, mujhe bohot maza aata hai (laughs). Because those characters have got a balance of both good and bad. A person does have different shades of his character. He cannot be completely bad or completely good. He is a mix of both. So I love enjoying these roles in which both good and the bad traits are present.

MOM movie
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#4. Your role in MOM seems to be so eccentric and confusing at the same time.

It is good that is unclear in the trailer. It will come to light on 7th July. You must watch the movie (laughs).

#5. Are you open to doing a formula film?

Yes, but there should be some story in it. A sensible one. I don’t follow any particular genre. I have done comedy roles also. But I’m more open to challenging roles.

#6. What was it like working with a veteran actress like Sridevi?

I have seen every different film of Sri Ma’am. And I used to get amazed that how she can change her form or expressions within fraction of seconds. And also inspite of her experience of over 300 movies, she certainly worked in this movie like this, was her first film. Her dedication and hard work was visible. I was again amazed to see this.

We at NewsAurChai wish success to your upcoming movie MOM. And eagerly wait for your future projects!

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