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“I don’t think there is a future of a television until it makes web content as well” – Ashish Chowdhry

Actor Ashish Chowdhry is back for DEV 2 as Detective Dev Anand Burman who with his inquisitive mind pries himself into unsolved mysteries, analyses situations and decodes the most complex mysteries. This is the second season of DEV produced by Peninsula Pictures Pvt Ltd and IMRC entertainment Pvt Ltd and aired by Colors TV; which was successfully able to keep the viewers glued to their entire thrilling series. This season follows the journey of Dev with a past who is challenged to put the pieces together of the biggest mystery- his own life. While the whole cast- Ashish Chowdhry, Amit Dolawat, Pooja Banerjee and Jigyasa Singh were in Delhi to introduce the new season of DEV, we got into a chat with Ashish Chowdhry, playing the lead as Dev Burman and discussed more this season, the changing phase of TV soaps and more.

1. DEV was well received by the audience during its first season. Now the team is back with its second season. What exciting plots are there in surprise for the viewers?

The reason the makers decided to come up with a second season because people not only loved the show but also they got attached to the characters. Not only with Dev but every other character. Dev will be seen finding the answer for the mystery of his missing mother and not believing his pregnant wife. This season has got some exciting twists with some intricate and nail-biting plots. Initially, DEV was started as a weekly show which later on became a daily soap. Due to this, the shooting became difficult as the shooting used to take place in different locations. But DEV is nothing like Saavdhan India or any other crime show. In this season the writing is more brilliant and creative. Every character has got different shades and they got developed as well. The viewers will be able to connect to the emotions and the journey of every character.

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2. We are seeing a lot of unrealistic stories in the TV soaps like Naagin or the female lead turns into a fly. The shows are becoming more regressive day by day. Do you think the makers produce such shows considering the audience demands or just for the sake that they have to produce something on the TV?

Well, see there a bunch of actors out there who are probably not great actors but superstars for the audience. What they do becomes acting that are loved by the audience. When it comes to a TV show like Naagin, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are spending quality time at home, keeping the channel on, not feel like changing it. They are regressive for those people who are not watching television. So the audience and the majority who are actually delivering it to their so-called clients; their target audience are the people who determine to make such plots. I have full respect for the people who turn into a fly or a snake because they have made the show work. I think it’s all about catering to the audience. If anything needs to be taught anything to the audience is by giving them newer stuff.

3. Bollywood actors like Anil Kapoor, Zayed Khan have worked in TV soaps and it becomes easy for them to switch between films and TV. But why the transition becomes difficult for the TV actors except a few?

Today I guess TV is equal to films. TV industry knows which actor is coming here because you’re a flop. We don’t know who is getting paid how much but I can tell you one thing that if you’re coming after a flop film to TV, they are not going to pay well. They will take you because you’re an actor and you suit the role. Similar in films also. But Mouni is doing well and so is Sushant. Sometimes TV actors will do anything to be in films. They will do some rubbish roles. I think that’s wrong because I will never do such things. Earlier film industry used to look down at the television. But today there’s a different time. Everybody is very alert over here.

4. Your thoughts on web series and movies as they are getting popular day by day and will you be seen in any web project?

The web is taking over everything. I don’t think there is a future of a television until it makes content that works on the web also. Again DEV is one of those. You should be equally popular on TV also otherwise TV will be wiped out. Thanks to DEV because of which I’ve got very good things lined up. Right now, we are in the talks of DEV 3. I don’t know how it is all going to happen because I’m on a contract with DEV and can’t do any other fiction. Let this brand grow because DEV has invested a lot of money and energy in me and I want to be thankful and give back as much energy and time I can.

Catch Detective DEV in the journey of solving mysteries in his own unique way every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM on Colors.

You can watch the promo of DEV 2 here

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