How to overcome a real bad Breakup?

I have often heard people saying, that getting over someone you love is impossible, how can you forget someone who gave you so much to remember. But, hello! Who told you to forget them? Every person holds a different place and importance in our lives.

I hope the following pieces of advice may help you overcome a bad breakup in a healthy yet positive way.

1.Simple rule: FORGIVE THEM

You don’t have to forget them. You need to forgive them because forgiving needs strength. Forgive the person who has done wrong to you. And forgive yourself for giving them the right to do wrong to you. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that it isn’t always your fault.


2.Talk it out

Talk about it to your friends who actually care. Taking your feelings out of your system and expressing your anger and regretting in front of your friends do feel good. It makes you feel lighter. This will surely help you heal.


3.Break up = Wake up

Someone rightly said, ‘Break up in love, is a wake up in life.’ When you are in a relationship, all you think is, about them. They become the centre of your world. You get habituated to them in every way. You are so busy with them, that you miss several opportunities which life provides you, which could have grown you in many better ways. The relationship may have ended, but the life will never stop giving you opportunities to prove yourself better. So wake-up! It’s just the beginning.


4.Don’t jump into other relationships

Jumping into other relationships after the breakup, does not help. It just makes the situation worse. You are doing the same thing which somebody else did to you. You are not only ruining your life but also the other person involved.


5.Block them

Perhaps some would not agree by this advice, but it actually helps. Don’t block them from all the networking sites at once. But gradually blocking them everywhere will stop the eagerness inside you to see what they are doing in their life and thus, help you to move on.

I hope this article helps you in healing from a bad experience. I confess that I am probably the most inexperienced person to write about love and breakups, but if this article helps you in any way, my work is done!

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