When somebody says, “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, what comes to your mind? All of the pre-wedding rituals, the big buffet for the foodies, the unique entry of the bride and groom on their reception, are the things that come to my mind whenever I think of A BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING!

Some of the points which will make you believe that these big fat Indian weddings can actually be fun are listed below:


An Indian wedding is an event where you will see the ladies wearing finest and latest jewellery that they love to flaunt the most. “My husband gifted me this ring on our anniversary, 22 carats, (this much) price.”1


For the foodies, this point is enough to make them believe that Indian weddings are actually fun. I believe 80% of the people go to a wedding because they want to eat the delectable food that it has to offer. Nobody really wants to meet the bride or the groom; we are here for the food!02


If the invitation card says the function will start at 5 p.m., it will start at least an hour later. So you have a lot of time to get ready, no hurry. Punctuality is something the relatives do not understand.03


We come across somebody, calling out our pet name and trying their best to make us recognise them.

“Nahi uncle nahi pehchana.” BAM! Then your parents introduce you to them and virtually frame a family tree in your head. So, in the Indian weddings you meet some of your relatives the first time.4


Baraat is the function I love the most. It is then when I realise desi drum steps are so much better than the firangi dubstep. You will see the uncles doing the Nagin dance, and aunties doing DJ waale babu mera gaana chala do dance. Everybody dances in the baraat whether they know how to dance or not. It is really fun watching them dance.5


As if we socialize less already!

But it is a bit different in Indian weddings. Here, relatives utilise their time socializing, eating snacks and having drinks. And the fun begins when one of them gets drunk!6


All the rituals, the pre and the post wedding are so much fun and pleasurable. The Indian weddings are totally incomplete without the rituals followed by our communities; it has its own enjoyment.7

No matter how much we think that big fat Indian weddings are torture, but it’s not. They are actually fun, provided if you are willing to enjoy.

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