Why they hate Modi?

Before I give you the glimpse of their conversation I give you a very nice quote:

“if there is unrest among intellectuals and criminals, assume that KING is doing right.”

It was 7 in the evening and like always I was traveling back home in Metro from Rajeev Chowk to Gurgaon. I work for a Marketing company and believe you me Metro is the best place to get the marketing ideas. You get to listen to a-lot of people in the tube. Sometimes interesting gossips are going on and sometimes it is sports. But last night I found two youngsters discussing Politics and predominantly Modi. It was an interesting conversation, let me give you the glimpse of it:

I do not know, why they hate Modi so much?

Who them?

All the academicians, media, self-prefaced intellectuals, writers, etc.

Oh, they! Well, the whole ecosystem and its ecology is written by the congress from the very primitive. Congress have nothing to loose now, and all these self-proclaimed people also have nothing to loose by bashing this government, rather they have everything to gain. If somehow this government goes, then they will get all the gifts, the awards, freeloading plane trips, sarkari houses, free lunches at India International Center; all will resume only if the Congress is back to power. In fact, the BJP should learn a thing or two from the Congress on how to cultivate an ecosystem like this’.

Haha, yes precisely. But what exactly pisses me off is, why this personal hatred and how it evolved?

Well to the best of my understanding, I think to them Modi is an outsider. They are well-groomed people studied in convents like St. Xaviors, St. Anthonies. All these English speaking people, can not digest anybody who is out side their arena. Modi expresses himself in Hindi or Indian regional language even if he goes to The US. He has risen from poverty and by the hard way. If you have seen ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’, Modi is Amir Khan of Model college and these self-proclaimed intellects are from Rajput college. And if a Model guy gets Devika then all of them will have the reason to hate him.

A loud laughter, So, you think if Arun Jaitley were the PM they did not have any issue with that? They do not have any issue with BJP but with Modi only.

Yes, I believe. Arun Jaitly knows to give curry favor with the media, but Modi does not really care. He speaks directly to the Masses through the radio in his ‘Man Ki Baat’ bypassing media. Rather I believe this hatred is an attempt of getting attention from Modi. You must have seen Kejriwal wants Modi to speak on every issue Rahul Gandhi wants Modi’s thoughts on every issue. Media goes ga-ga over Modi “Why the PM is not speaking”. It is all about attention, See how happy Rajdeep Sardesai was when he got a reply to his open letter from Fadnavis. This attention these people do not get from Modi.

Yaa, I think the perfect analogy would be, my dog stands on his Hind legs and wagging his tail to seek the attention. But when I do no give him that attention, he starts barking or growling on me.

HaHa, Precisely my friend.

So, do you think he is on the right track?

Well yes I think, He is wisely ignoring this selective outrage and doing what he should be doing, encouraging foreign investment, creating more jobs, trying to make India a manufacturing hub, rather than just a call center capital, focusing on financial inclusion via the Jan Dhan Yojana, encouraging small entrepreneurs through the Mudra bank, focussing on cleanliness and hygiene… all good things. Even his key ministers are doing a great job. Suresh Prabhu is managing railways well, Parrikar as a defense minister is a good choice, Sushma Swaraj, and Gen. V. K. Singh are doing a great job protecting the interests of Indian citizens abroad.’

Are you happy with they things are going?

Well, I am pretty happy with the way things are going as far as work is concern, but I do not want these Sadhvis and Yogis not to comments much. The main agenda should be ‘Progress’.

That was the part I heard between these two fine young men and meanwhile I reached my destination. This conversation reminded me of the great thinker Chanakya.

“if there is unrest among intellectuals and criminals, assume that KING is doing right.”



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