Cool Gadgets
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In this techno-savvy world, we don’t realise how much we depend on the gadgets we use in our day-to-day life. Right from getting up in the morning to the sound of our alarm clock to using an oven to heat up the food, it’s nearly impossible to live like a stone age man for even 30 mins.

Lagging behind in this generation, which is at such a fast pace is not entertained. But have you wondered what goes behind our TV screens or that one click and the MP3 plays your favourite song? No? Then here is the working of five gadgets which have almost turned our world almost magical.

#1: Video Link

Video Link
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This invention is going to completely change the concept of video-calling, by sending the exact replica of a country at that instant to another country on a giant 360-degree screen. They are called as Giant Tholos Pod, Tholos is a Greek word which means a circular temple. Tholos pods are soon to arrive in cities like Paris which will be linked with France which in turn will be linked to Pisa in Italy. It has security glass which is shatter proof and coated to prevent graffiti.

#2: LCD Television

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It is made up of several million tiny squares called pixels, each containing a red, green and blue shaped sub-pixel. Each sub-pixel is controlled by a group of microscopic liquid crystals positioned behind it. The circuits inside the TV pass electric signals through the liquid crystals which in turn control the sub-pixel turning it on and off like a mini bulb. As the name suggest, the liquid crystals have certain things in common with both liquids and solids. Liquid crystals display may soon be fitted to windows to replace blinds or curtains. At the flick of a switch, they will block out the light to darken the room.

#3: Microwave

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Microwaves are very short radio waves that carry a lot of energy. The food in the microwave oven cooks when these waves transfer their energy to the water molecules inside the food. The food cooks up quickly because the radio set the water molecules vibrating at once. The movement generates heat. Turntable ensures that the waves reach every side.

#4: Combination Lock

Cool Lock
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It has a strong metal bar in the middle that stays in place when locked and moves slightly when unlocked. It has a numbered dial at the front that you turn to select the combination. Stacked behind the dials a series of wheels, one for each number in the combination. As you turn the dial, a metal pin fastened to its back fits through the notches in the wheels behind. When the notches line up, the wheels turn together and the safe opens.

#5: Camera Capsule

Camera Capsule
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The camera capsule is a miniature video camera you can swallow like a pill. As it passes through the body the capsule films the inside of the required body parts. The battery inside can provide power for at least seven hours. The radio antenna sends images to the receiver. This makes it possible to carry out all the tedious surgeries. No need to worry about the capsule coming out as it usually comes out after a bowel movement and if it takes longer than two weeks then the doctor should be on his way by now.

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