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Furnishing Smiles With Geetansh Bamania – CEO,Rentomojo

Ever thought of building a fully furnished house just as you would rent one? And all this at an affordable price! Well, Geetansh Bamania is that young man who brings forward this solution for you. He has a revolutionary platform that will change the way India lives! I had an opportunity to have an interesting tête-à-tête with this unconventional man!

He was kind enough to invite me to his fancy office in Mumbai. And as we spoke, Geetansh told me how he started Rentomojo 18 months back and today they are located in 6 cities! He also added that this is his third venture. After graduating from IIT Madras, he got an opportunity to work with known firms like Flipkart, PepperFry. Before Rentomojo he had a community learning portal called ‘Click2skill’ and a crowd-funding portal called ‘HopeMonkey’.

Out of curiosity, I asked him “How did you think of something so benevolent?”

With a carefree smile on his face, he replied, “Well when I was in PepperFry. I had ‘never been the best employee’. So while working there this idea struck me. I thought there is no solution for folks like me who continuously keep moving, have to change locations every few months. And you know, such people won’t be the crowd that would buy these expensive products every time they would change location. Lots of other things also add as a catalyst, like the huge capital involved, plus now people want to live in a certain lifestyle with the ready money they have! The right term to be used here is ‘urban poor’, people don’t want to compromise and yet lead a luxurious lifestyle! So somebody had to think on those lines, and that somebody turned out to be me!”

Currently, Rentomojo are market leaders with strong fundamentals and headship of Geetansh. They are the one stop flexible solution for rental services. In fact, the uniqueness of Rentomojo is its affordability and simplicity, which makes things way easier and less liable to the customer.

Moving on ahead I asked, “You are a known name now Geetansh, and I am sure you must have faced hardships and obstacles earlier in your journey! Throw some light on that”

“Awareness has been the biggest challenge. Even now as we are building a market, creating an industry awareness is still the biggest challenge. In my previous projects, being a fresher that time I didn’t know how to build a team or raise the capital. Everything was new for me. You need to run like a business, get profits and with that very profit, everything else has to be maintained. As you scale up that maturity comes, the fundamentals get cleared. You start to think wider.” He added.

Geetansh had an inciting message for all those who are currently on an entrepreneurial path “What you need to be is passionate about your venture. Else you break off! It’s not an overnight journey; if you don’t have passion and you don’t want these hassles you will ultimately have to quit. With growing company you face challenges every single day. So be passionate! Apart from that find time for yourself and family. 24-30 is the most enthusiastic phase of your life so spend time on yourself and family.”

Rentomojo is growing at jet speed day by day. Currently they have 240 employees and a phenomenal work culture! Rentomojo received global recognition by getting featured in Forbes 2016. Well, for them there is no stopping! I wish Rentomojo and the man behind it, Mr. Geetansh Bamania good luck for the future. And hope to see you become bigger as each day passes by!

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