Flash Floods Wreak Havoc In Himachal Pradesh

A cloud burst in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has triggered flash floods in Dharamshala. Neighboring areas like McLeodganj are also facing excessive rainfall as a result. A Red Alert is issued and NDRF troops have been deployed in the area. Even though most sources categorize the event as a ‘cloud burst’, Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal believes otherwise. He explains that the flash floods in Bhagsu Nag have been triggered by heavy rains occurring in the area.

Floods in Dharamshala II News Aur Chai
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Dharamshala has been in the news for the past few weeks due to an influx of tourists. This comes despite the covid crisis in India is far from over. These tourists are now trapped in the floods. Authorities have now asked these tourists to not visit any ‘high-risk areas’ and stay safe.

The Director-General of the NDRF, SN Pradhan said to ANI that, “After reports from Kangra (Himachal Pradesh) District Magistrate that help is needed, 2 teams of NDRF left for Bhagsu Nag in Shahpur division. The team is about to reach. 5-10 teams of NDRF are on standby in Nurpur that’s close to Kangra”.

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This comes after Home Minister Amit Shah took stock of the situation in Himachal Pradesh during a phone call with CM Jai Ram Thakur. The phone call was before he deployed NDRF troops in the state.

Many roads and Highways are blocked because of landslides caused by heavy rains. The airport in Dharamshala has also been shut because of the heavy rain. The Himalayan region is an ecologically sensitive area. Many more flash floods and landslides are expected in the region in the coming few days.

The CM of Himachal Pradesh said that no casualties have been reported so far. Many reports of missing people are coming in as the flood rages on. The Weather Department predicts heavy rains in the area for the next few days. Prayers of safety are being sent from all over the country for the flood-stricken region.



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