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Fever set high with Ulgulan 2016

As the most beautiful time of the year has set in Ranchi, excitement level has broken all bounds in the NUSRL campus. And this festive season is not the only reason. Ulgulan is here! After months of preparation and anticipation, it is finally here.

The registrations are now all closed, but there is so much more to look forward to. Every soul, inside and outside the campus, can’t await the celebrity night anymore. Three days of uncontrolled beats, back to back. And everyone has a reason to anticipate the fest- DJ Faizan, Olly Esse and Parth Band- on one campus. It will be a treat whether you are a music lover or not.

The nights of music set in the beautiful backdrop on Jharkhand, cherry on the top! It has been fifteen years since the formation of this beautiful state. As the motto of Building Jharkhand is, it is high time to unite, give out the cry of uprising and start Ulgulan!

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