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Loopholes in Our Legal System

I am not a big fan of our justice system. It takes too long and more often than not, skilled lawyers make their clients walk scot-free from heinous crimes. This is prevalent worldwide but there is a lot more to this than ‘Letting a thousand criminals walk so that an innocent person is not punished’. This is sensible given the fact that we have several fake cases but this serves as a double edged sword. A friend stated, 10 murders and 100 murders are treated alike.

Our justice system is slow and just like a mail box getting spammed, we have numerous cases which are just a nuisance. I refer here to the court asking a certain celebrity to stop filing defamation cases for nonsensical reasons. We need more courts just like we need more hospitals but we are working more on what happens after the issue rather than preventing things to happen. Take the Nirbhaya case. The case was proved and the perpetuators confessed. Why was their punishment just a jail sentence? Shouldn’t they have been made an example of?

I refrain from using names as I fear my safety (I’ll be honest . We have a certain rogue turned politician whose bail keeps getting delayed recently. Without a shadow of a doubt, his crimes are known. His threats to police personnel is on Wikipedia (I’m not kidding) but people still celebrate him as a politician. Jails are like a refrigerator. Criminals get released and continue crimes afresh like no time passed in the middle. People talk about human rights but certain crimes don’t deserve humane treatment.

My taxes can be used in a much better way than feeding convicts chicken and giving them sweets. Seriously! When a poor labourer cannot afford two meals a day, why should convicts have expensive meals? Providing healthy food for school children is constructive. Doing the same for convicts is pathetic. Rehabilation happens after a crime. Why let people do a crime? Only if punishments become more severe, the mistakes will reduce in number.

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