Elections In Assam

The BJP coalition has won a comfortable victory with 86 seats in the 126 member Assam assembly. Party’s chief ministerial candidate Sarbananda Sonowal said the priority of the new government will be to protect the interest of the greater Assamese society. After 15 years of Congress rule, BJP will take up the mantle in Assam.

The political structure of Assam in India is headed by the ceremonial post of the governor.

He is assisted by a council of ministers,headed by the chief ministers,who are the members of Assam assembly. In these years, it has become more powerful and strong. This victory was really an important one for BJP and also a big achievement as congress contested alone for 15 years.It was also an important victory as it is a border state and it is committed to development.Coming in of BJP has also whipped up the issue of illegal immigration during the campaign,which triggered fear among Muslims in Assam.Muslims here are as Assamese as Bodo’s,Ahom’s and Hindus are.The Assamese said that if the BJP government would adopt this inclusive approach towards governance Modi being an anti-Muslim the will support them otherwise will oppose them.

BJP said that no one knows the future looks like.But they will definitely take that call in future.But as a ruling party, they will definitely support good governance.

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