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Ek Tha Salman Aur Do The Blackbuck

Salman Khan has got into trouble with the law quite a few times. Currently, he is in the news and the court for poaching blackbucks during the shoot of Hum Saath Saath Hain at Kankani village, Rajasthan in 1998.

‘Ek goli aur do case’ is currently what the famous actor is facing. The alleged incident of poaching of black buck caused Bhai not just one but two cases to be filed against him. The first case filed against him is for poaching of blackbucks along with his co-stars Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam Kothari. They were alleged to have shot two blackbucks (Indian antelope) which are listed under the Wildlife( Protection) Act 1972. This act states that any animal that comes under this act cannot be hunted and failing to abide by it is punishable under the law by a fine, imprisonment or both.

The second case against Salman Khan is for carrying and using firearms for which the licence had expired. Controversies on this have been taking rounds for a long time. His lawyers stated that he had been carrying air gun for which you don’t need any licence and is not harmful to anyone. The court said that the police had filled him under the wrong section of the IPC( Indian Penal Code). They should have pinned him for using firearms with an expired licence instead they had filed him in use of firearms without a licence.

Hit and Run Trial Salman
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On the 26th of January, Salman along with his co-stars were asked to appear before the court and give their statements. Salman Khan was asked sixty-five questions by Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit, Chief Judicial Magistrate but he kept denying of killing the blackbuck. He along with the other accused pleaded not guilty. Salman during his questioning stated that the black buck had died of natural cause. The court acquitted Salman Khan and the co-stars due to lack of proper evidence to prove that he is the one who hunted the Indian antelope.

Salman Laughing
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Many people took to Twitter to express their opinions and of course trolling Salman for his “natural cause” statement. Taglines like ‘Maine shoot Kyun Kiya’, ‘Bhai tussi great ho’, ‘blackbuck: tumko na bhool paayenge’ having been doing its round.

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