The question is are you going to just exist or live life?

Most of us spend our time in a hurry, always chasing something and are not able to sit back and experience each and every single moment to its fullest extent. We are gripped by this fear of missing out (FOMO) and compulsive need to be constantly occupied with something. The need to be busy stems from the trepidation that if don’t do things fast enough, we won’t be able to keep up and will fall back in our lives, careers, relationships etc.

We inhabit the world, that is always in a hurry-burry. We are so obsessed with earning and making a living that we do not take time, to sit and celebrate the smaller things in life with the ones that we love. What is the use of making so much money when we cannot take a moment to sit, appreciate and be grateful for the food that we have in front of us! Most of us skip breakfast, barely have a bite for lunch and by the time of dinner, we are so exhausted we don’t feel like eating on most days. We are in desperate need for a way out.

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We may reason that we are young or that we are doing this for a better way of life and this is the age to be on our toes to earn, but, it will catch up to us. This mindless rush will leave us feeling fatigued, void and lost. The very things that we are running behind will slip away from us. Looking back, we will regret not spending time with our family, not going after what we love and not doing the things we always wanted to do.

Do a digital detox, refrain from looking at the time, go under the radar, sit in solitude and do many more things that will help you appreciate the bigger picture. If we step away from what we are so accustomed to do mechanically, we will question why we do it and how much it matters. We begin to ask ourselves what it is that matters to us, what brings us joy and satisfaction. By detaching ourselves from the mad rush, we begin to grasp the meaning of our existence and how we are all only a speck in this huge scheme of life. This should humble us and gives us a sense of perspective that we are not invincible.

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Let’s sit back, take a moment to be aware and become conscious of the fact that we are on a journey that is on a cusp of revelation. The revelation that life will continue no matter what, the question is are you going to exist or live? So, don’t sweat the small stuff. After all, FOMO or YOLO?

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