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Today, we have 2 strong pillars of Spandan Theatres. Actor Mahendra Athneria & Shyam Bhimsaria actor writer-director at Spandan Theatres.

24th September 2017 they launch their next play Pitaah.

Let’s talk to them about it.

Kautilya: So how is the feeling?

Shyam Bhimsaria: As always. Good. Yes, butterflies are there as it’s the 1st show.

Mahendra Athneria: And we love this feeling. May God give us this feeling every now & then.

Kautilya: Pitaah is 4th play from your theatre group in 6 years. As the name suggests…is it serious, tear-jerker, drama or what?

Mahendra Athneria: It’s a combination of all. It also has light comedy & some songs too.

Kautilya: Even here?

Shyam Bhimsaria: Yes. In India, we have songs for all occasions. I love music & will have songs in all my plays, movies… wherever possible.

Mahendra Athneria: Shyam Ji writes songs and helps the music directors to create some fantastic songs.

Kautilya: That’s nice to hear. So, how does Pitaah differ from your other plays?

Shyam Bhimsaria: It’s just the plot. Otherwise, we try to weave our product just around entertainment.

Kautilya: Your last 2 plays One Coin please & Birju Ka Chautha Grahak got you accolades & awards. Expecting here too?

Shyam Bhimsaria: If I say I don’t want awards, I will be lying. But trust me. Me & my entire team works hard for the show & if awards come, they are more than welcome.

Kautilya: Do we see your regular actors from your group in Pitaah?

Shyam Bhimsaria: My self, Mahendra & Neelam Gheewala are seniors. Then we have Pratik Shukla, Hamzaa Ansari, Rani Netkar, Joy Mukherji, Dr Vikasji (famous cinema & theatre actor from Gujarat) & Shailendra Singh.

Kautilya: You are playing the Pitaah?

Shyam Bhimsaria: Yes.

Kautilya: And you? Putra?

Mahendra Athneria: Yes the elder son. Kunal.

Kautilya: Tell us more about your character.

Mahendra Athneria: Elder son Kunal & his Dad share a good relationship. Sort of buddies. But now there is some problem in the house so both have a discourse over it. In a bar.

Kautilya: Hmm Bar? That’s all the more interesting. Shyam Sir, you played the comic cameo in Foxstar’s Akira, played the epic role of Shri Baba Saheb Ambedkar in Bole India Jai Bhim, done so many plays, serials, ads, you have had experience of all the segments. What is tougher?

Shyam Bhimsaria: All mediums have a different grammar to follow. Theatres have their set of challenges. Movies are easy as compared. But with theatres, you have the liberty to go all out.

Kautilya: Mahendra, you have worked for a good 5-6 years in Theatres. Do you see yourself doing any movie in near future?

Mahendra Athneria: I have already done a movie. Played a comedy track. Shyamji is in that movie too. Besides this, Shyam Sir is directing 3 films for Zovie Media Ventures. I play a very important role in one them AANCH. Spandan Theatre Group has this quality of promoting their actors where ever possible. Of course without compromising on the quality of the product.

Kautilya: After Pitaah, what next?

Mahendra Athneria: We have some more shows of Pitaah lined up for corporates & clubs.

Shyam Bhimsaria: And as Mahendra mentioned, I have these 3 films on hands. 2 are absolutely ready & 1 is in its last stages of the post-production. Once these are done, I will start working on my next project Tritiya.

Kautilya: Tritiya is a play or a movie?

Shyam Bhimsaria: Its a full length feature film. Working to form the right combination of the technicians & actors.

Kautilya: All the best to both of you and your entire team for the success of Pitaah and all your upcoming projects. Last closing words from both of you, please.

Mahendra Athneria: Lucky and proud to be part of Spandan Theatre group. I see all my dreams come true here.

Shyam Bhimsaria: We all can be masters in theatres, only by being a servant of theatres.

Kautilya: Thank you very much.

Next Show
Date: 24th September Sunday
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Rangsharda Bandra W
Tickets: Bookmyshow.com
Group inquiries: 9322217219

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