Donald Trump’s New Citizenship Test

When it comes to the politics of U.S.A., it affects not just the American, but the entire globe. No wonder that the entire world is waiting so anxiously to see how the socio-political situation in America turns out.

At the centre of all the media attention and controversies is Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential Nominee. He is a businessman, pretty much a self-declared billionaire, who has spent 1 million dollars on his research to become a president. He has, so far, not failed to surprise us all with his cultural, religious and political views. With his often frankly portrayed racially and regionally bias and hate speeches, some have gone so far as to call his nomination as a black mark on American politics.

Recently, Trump addressed a small audience in Youngstown, Ohio. The purpose of his address was to provide clarification regarding many of his misstatements about ISIS, Iraq, and immigration.

In his speech, as a part of his major foreign policy, he proposed a rather intriguing concept. In order to put into effect his plans to stop immigration, he promised a temporary ban on people coming to America. He proposed an ideological test for people entering the country. In the test, people’s religious predilections and their liberality of their views would be tested.

Trump claimed it to be a part of his agenda to make America free of gender inequality, homophobia, and views harming the liberal spirit of the nation.

Trump even asked the government to stop issuing visas to countries where ‘adequate screening cannot take place’.

It is rather ironic that, to accumulate tolerance in America, Trump is scissoring down the views and opinions that are not to his liking. It is further baffling that a separate ideological test needs to be passed by an aspiring citizen, even though the spirit of religious tolerance is innate and inbuilt in the US constitution through its First Amendment. Moreover, people already go through a rigorous process to become US citizens. In a situation like this, Trump’s call for a separate ideological screening seems pretty vague, fallacious and utopian.

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