Why Dhinchak Pooja is Awesome?

Photographs? No. Selfies. Selfies have changed the way of capturing memories. It may have made capturing pictures easier, but there is another side to it that is annoying as hell — from flaunting the pout to striking a side pose.

Our Bollywood embracing this trend came out with a ton of songs but ‘Selfie maine le li aaj’ — by Dhinchak Pooja has taken the Internet by storm. The video is as Dhinchak as her name. What’s surprising is that it has already garnered more than half-a-million views, and is still going strong. She just left us stunned. Even Salman Khan with “Selfie Le Le Re” couldn’t do that.

She’s right in our faces, with that nightingale voice and too much sense of music and beats. She makes Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar and others look like musical maestros. Since the time it came out on social media, the song has over one million views and it is still a rage because people cannot believe how ridiculous it is.

dhinchak pooja
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Dhinchak Pooja surely is defining the blooming artists which really show what not cool but “kewl” mean. With that double swag cap on, she is really aspiring that her fans would imitate her. The phrase ‘swag wali topi’ is uttered more than 70 times in the song, I kid you not. No lady, no one in their right mind would copy that topi.

Looks like Miss Dhinchak is trying her best to channel her inner 50 Cents, but ends up not even close to 5 cents.

Here the new Selfie song by Dhinchak Pooja.

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