Celebrities are forgotten after their peak time in the industry is over

The above statement is without any second thought, media is so powerful that people perceive things the way they are presented and so obviously after any person or news stops to be the talk of the town they actually lose interest among people.The moment you see a celebrity and if you have to tell your friend about then if you don’t recall the celebrity’s name then you do the job by referring to the celebs most renounced movie or work.

In our big industry is absolutely impossible to remember so many names, so pavitra rishta’s protagonist is called Manav and our textile minister is called Tulsi rather than being called Sushant Singh Rajput and Smriti Irani respectively. Celebs are admired by their roles and common if you haven’t Googled the cast of Bahubali you will definitely call Prabhas, Bahubali.

Industry has advanced gradually, movies are getting better day by day, it’s not just in monetary terms but rather these box office collections are a testimony to it. A movie is released every Friday and with coming Friday’s time washes it all, whether it’s a bad mood or a movie or even the notes you are mugging up for your exam, :p :p :p Jokes apart, but we can’t deny the dwarfness of our fist-sized brain. It does forget the mammoth mansions of Jodha Akbar, the excellent dialogues of Jannat and the mesmerising songs of Aashiqui 2.

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The basic point is that with time as movies and songs are getting better old songs, movies and the artists of then movies are gradually fading away. The celebs too are on all lips only till they are being written are gossiped about. Later they just remain on Google search pages, but some celebs can be exceptional they still are admired but by those people who have seen their work. The other reason can be that some are still working in the industry so now also they have the same hold on people’s mind and taste.

Some Celebs are legends as the good work they have done is not only bound to the big screen but they have also done for people the best they can. Jayalalitha was an actress her popularity had basically started from there many celebs are now a part of the parliament their love among people and their popularity has made this possible.

So it’s basically celebs and their captivating personalities that help them remain in the hearts of their fans for a longer time.

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