Different Vaccines Given To 6 In Jab Mix Up In Jharkhand: Officials

In yet another incident of a vaccine goof-up in the country, six people were given two different coronavirus jabs for their first and second doses, in a district of Jharkhand on Wednesday.

In Jharkhand’s Palamu district, six people were supposed to get the Covaxin vaccines their second dose, but instead, they were inoculated with the Covishield.

As per the medical protocol, a person needs to get both doses of the same vaccine. India hasn’t allowed the mixing of vaccines as studies are still going on to check the efficacy and safety of the cocktail.

While reacting to the incident, Chief Medical Officer of the district, Dr Anil Kumar Singh, said, this happened because of a mistake, but the change in the vaccine will not have any significant negative effect on them.

“Those six people went to a community health centre at Hariharganj to receive their second dose of Covaxin. However, they were given Covishield due to lapse on the part of the employees there,” Mr Singh said.

They will be under observation for 24 hours. The six will have to take the second dose of Covishield, Mr Singh said.

After the mix-up was identified, there was chaos at the centre and police were deputed at the spot.

Chhatarpur Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ajay Kumar said that police and civil officials reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

A similar incident had happened in Uttar Pradesh when 20 villagers were given Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin when they went for the mandatory second dose. They were administered Covishield as their first dose.

The centre had reacted to the incident and said, significant adverse effects are “unlikely” if an individual’s second Covid vaccine dose is different from the first.

Days before the UP mix-up a 72-year-old Maharashtra man was also given mixed doses; Dattatraya Waghmare said he got Covaxin on March 22 and Covishield on April 30.

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