Deepa Karmakar all set for the vault of her life!

From Tripura to Rio, the challenges faced by Deepa Karmakar is abundant. Yet she beat all odds to reach the finals at the vault gymnastics in Rio Olympics 2016.

Karmakar started practice at the age of 6, a time when most of us found problems with addition and subtraction. Being coached by Bisbeshwar Nandi, Deepa was a flat foot who had difficulties on spring board and trained immensely to get a curve of her feet. Till this day, she credits her coach for all success this event has brought.

she won at the Junior Nationals in Jalpaiguri in 2007 which increased her passion for the sport. From 2007, Karmakar had won 77 medals, with 67 being gold in the state, national and international championships.In 2007 she won at the Junior Nationals in Jalpaiguri which furthered her passion for the sport. Since 2007, Karmakar has won 77 medals including 67 gold, in state, national and international championships.

From 2011 to 2015, Karmakar has won gold medals for floor, vault, all around, balance beam and uneven bars and has also wo a bronze medal in vault final of 2014 common wealth games. She also reached fourth place in 2014 Asian games trailing behind two Olympic medalists and a bronze medal winner at the world championships.

The 2015 Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships was held in the Japanese city of Hiroshima and Karmakar won bronze in the vault and finished 8th in balance beam.

Come 2016, the 7th of august saw Karmakar becoming the first Indian to qualify for the finals of women’s artistic gymnastics event of 2016 Summer Olympics in 52 years! Her score of 14.850,a combined score in Vaults, which included a Produnova Vault placed her 8th in the overall standing and fetching her a spot in the finals.

On 14th of august at 11:17 PM (IST), catch Deepa Karmakar in the finale of vault gymnastics along with other contestants. The pressure to win a medal is higher as India is yet to bring a medal on the stands but we hope she succeeds without taking them on her shoulders. It is her game first, then everything falls in line.

Wishing Deepa Karmakar to give her best and make INDIA proud!

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