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“Criminal Goats” – Taken Into Custody

Thieves, murderers, robbers, rapists and many other criminals are roaming freely in our streets, and we are taking goats in police custody!

Recently, two goats were caught and taken in police custody. The only question that strikes our mind is why? What for?

They were taken in custody for doing something which was a natural and a necessary thing for them to survive,
they were caught for GRAZING.

Where did this happen?

This Incident took place at Huzurabad town near Karimnagar district in Telangana. A complaint was filed against these innocent creatures when they were found grazing on the saplings planted by a voluntary organisation known as ‘SAVE THE TREES‘.


This organisation planted around 900 saplings, from which 250 of them were lost and damaged. When the concerned organisation tried to find the culprit behind this, it turned out to be two goats. These goats were then caught and taken in the police custody where they were kept tied to a pole in the police station.

Goats were released only when their owner came to the police station and paid the penalty of rupees 1,000 to the municipal authorities. Moreover, he was warned by police and was asked to feed his goats either at his house or at the outskirts of the town.

Similar incidents have been noted and have taken place in other parts of the town.

Another similar incident; the owner of the goat was punished for her irresponsibility towards the goat and environment. When her goat was found grazing on a plant, she was made to plant around 20 saplings to compensate for the loss.

In another incident, the owner of the goats was punished with the penalty of rupees 10,000. The goats were found grazing on the saplings planted by the state government under the plantation program Haritha Haram.

What action can the government take to improve the condition?

An act of irresponsibility of owner leads to all such situations. Strict and compulsory rules and regulations are needed to be formed with their effective implication as well. High penalties should be charged from those who break any law. This will make the owners of animals more caution. Moreover, the government should try to give in thought and ideas about this and try to solve the feeding-issues of the animals. They can either create a place which should be mainly used for grazing or by providing them with food from somewhere else.


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