Coronavirus: Irresponsible Indian Attitude

The world is suffering from Coronavirus pandemic, and all countries that are undergoing or not, are taking precautions like wearing masks, avoiding social contacts, washing hands and others instructed.

Indian government with the team of expert doctors and people working in Healthline 24*7 are trying to take care of the infected and prevent further infections. However, the unfortunate side is that stubborn Indians still prefer their own happiness, above all. Indians though literate act like illiterates at time–wherein we use our education only to earn billions a month and show off the world with our earnings.

The so-called self-claimed literate people who should ideally make a difference in this time of social suffrage are making the situation worse for others. Bureaucrats, who became one by cracking one of the toughest exams like CSE are fleeing from the situation; they are not ready to undergo a check-up for themselves and family even after returning from foreign countries.

People in Punjab are not ready to quarantine even after knowing they have come in contact with one of the coronavirus infected person or might have chances of coronavirus as they show the symptoms.

India still is one among the country with lowest infected rate, when compared to countries like Spain, Italy and China; where the death toll has surpassed few thousands. India was able to control widespread because of the efforts of doctors, medical healthcare people working along with our government who is actually trying to contain the virus. On the other hand, there are people like Kanika Kapoor though famous for her work but have forgotten to maintain the basic ground of this pandemic disease.

After returning from London instead of self-isolation, she chose to attend a party, putting the lives of hundreds of people in danger. Indian politicians are not far behind as even they decided to attend that party while the nation is handling this worst situation.

A plethora of questions for all these literate, upper-class high profile citizens turned politicians and singers. Why there was even a party organised when the government has strictly announced to avoid one? Why no screening or self-isolation for these hypocrites? Why Vasundhara Raje, son of Dushyant Raje and other politicians were allowed to attend gathering when they are the ones to protect the society.

These politicians were reported to have attended parliament session after that. When the whole of society, including the daily wage earners are leaving their work so that we can stop this pandemic from spreading, we have another set of party lovers ignoring the warning and going about with their life.

The question now we need to raise is if an FIR is lodged against Kanika Kapoor, what about the other people who attended the party ignoring the restricts by the government? Will the Modi led government take any action against his party members or will excuse them?

Another incident that shook the entire nation on March 22 was what happened amidst Janata Curfew. As instructed by PM Modi, the whole country of around a billion people stayed indoor from 7 PM to fight against coronavirus until 5 PM.

After 5 PM when citizens, as requested by PM Modi people, came out to their balconies, clapped and ringed bells to show appreciation towards all those doctors and health sector works for battling against the virus.

However, the twist came when some people decided to take this to another level, where people went out of their house into the street to “celebrate”. The root cause of this curfew was blown in the air, as social distancing turned out to be a public party.

What can we do? Follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, avoid social gathering to break the chain of virus so that you won’t be in the list in the category of literate high profile society people –‘Padhe Likhe Gawar’.

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