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Coronavirus: How Wuhan Lockdown Helped?

Wuhan, China–the epicentre of COVID-19 more popularly known as “Coronavirus” has become more famous for unleashing a pandemic on the human race than as the place of manufacturing of great industrial giants.

The first reports were revealed in late December 2019 when the world was getting ready to celebrate the oncoming new year; it was confirmed that a virus as deadly as MERs or SARs had been discovered. Despite the efforts made by China government at hiding such information, it was soon revealed.

At that point, there were no death cases confirmed, but soon that changed. Within a few weeks’ cases proliferated in humans against the claim of China that it was not infectious in humans that China became the epic centre of global coronavirus. World Health Organisation declared coronavirus a pandemic after it spread internationally.

When we look at the lockdown measures adopted by China, on January 23, 2020, Wuhan and 15 other cities in the province of Hubei were placed under strict quarantine after the coronavirus spread in the area.

The lockdown influenced more than 50 million individuals. Open vehicle administrations were closed down, including transports, railroads, flights, and ships. In Wuhan, the air terminal, railroad station and metro travel framework were shut as well – and nobody could leave the city without authorization.

Soon after, the ways to industrial facilities, workplaces, and schools were additionally shut. Furthermore, specialists utilized popular social media technology and apps to monitor development, with a green, yellow and red traffic-light framework on individuals’ cell phones helping authorities decide whether the client ought to be permitted pass the guard at train stations and different checkpoints.

Currently, China reported 80,881 positive cases of coronavirus out of which 68,690 individuals recovered and death of 3,226 individuals.

These measures initially were seen to be very strict, but they, later on, showed to be very beneficial. Encouraging work from home, prohibiting large gatherings, shutting down schools and workspace, urging the citizens to wash hands, reduce the level of travelling are now paying off.

According to a model study conducted by scientists, the lockdown decision by the Chinese government helped to slow down the spread by 80 per cent.

China is currently encountering its most reduced paces of COVID-19 disease since December, with less new cases than 15 other nations.

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