Is Coronavirus Making People Violent?

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe at a rapid rate, killing more than 5,615 people; it is now announced as a pandemic by WHO. Where people are dying due to this virus, on the other hand, human savagery behaviour is seen prevalent too.

Without thinking twice, people are turning against one another because they come from the epicentre, China or became they hail from the place where the virus has already spread. This fatal virus is turning people into savages. If you don’t believe this, here are few examples supporting the case. Many such reports have been coming out in social media, making the people more panicked.

Some instances of violence caused by alleged coronavirus infection:

On March 6, in the Thai Airway Bangkok to Shanghai, a male flight attendant headlock a Chinese woman on the flight while the other members of the crew had to pin her to the seat as she was alleged to have deliberately coughed on the flight attendant. A co-passenger recorded a video of this which viral in social media.

The flight had been delayed because the passengers needed to be screened for the coronavirus at the Shanghai airport. As a result of this delay, the Chinese woman got very upset and wanted the staff to open the door to the flight fast. However, when her requests were not entertained and ignored, she deliberately coughed at one of the staff members. However, later she did understand the severity of the situation and complied to wait for the screening to be completed.

Another example of the virus bringing out the worst in people was of a CCTV footage which was captured in Wuhan, where a woman was deliberately spitting on the door handles of her neighbours. In that same complex, dozens of people were diagnosed with coronavirus. As a result, the building had to be quarantined. It is alleged that the woman is spreading around her saliva on purpose.

Coronavirus has also helped in the increase of cases of bullying. People are being bullied just because they look either Chinese or Iranian. One such instance of bullying is the case of Jonathon Mok, who is a student from Singapore, and he was brutally attacked in London because he looked like Chinese.

While when the first coronavirus case in New Zealand was announced, the family which was affected was brutally abused by netizens of the country.

The spread of this deadly virus has scared all the nations across the world. Where people are scared of this virus, it also brings out the worst in people. The people get a mentality that if they are suffering then why not the others? While they are trying to infect other people as well, on the other hand, some innocent people get beaten up just because of how they look. Even if anyone cough or sneeze, people think that it is a coronavirus infected and they start beating them up as well.

COVID-19 has affected around 149 countries and territories across the globe. There have been 1,50,052 cases of confirmed infected and 5,617 deaths globally.

It’s high time that the world starts to stand as one. We should fight against this virus with whatever we have. We should give all of our effort to destroy this virus rather than fighting among ourselves. It is not the time for blaming, beating, abusing, what we should do now is fight together against this virus.

Oindri Kundu

I’m an avid reader, painter and writer. Basically I’m the girl with a love for books and an artist with hidden talents. I hope to make a good change in the world through the power of my pen ‘cause as you know ‘A pen is mightier than the sword.’

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