Common ‘Golden Powder’ To Cure Cancer

We all know about the common powder in our household — that mandatory ‘golden powder’ in most of the Indian dishes. Recently studies have revealed that this golden powder that is turmeric have some hidden power. Turmeric has always been a chief natural aid, whether it be acne or diseases like autoimmune disorders, it has never failed to show its magic. However, recent studies have got a major breakthrough as it can pose to be a cure for the most haunted disease, cancer. Well never underestimate the power of common man. Right?

So let’s get a background check on turmeric. Turmeric, which belongs to the ginger family, is grown throughout Asian countries and some part of Africa too. It is a staple ingredient in Indian dishes and prominent element in Ayurveda.

The active constituent of turmeric is curcumin or diferuloylmethane. Studies have revealed that curcumin has anti-cancerous effects, stating that it can prevent the growth of cancerous cells. We all know about chemotherapy and its side effects. Chemotherapy kills cancerous cells, but it also affects healthy cells. Combined treatment with curcumin prevents its impact on healthy cells.

Common Golden Powder To Cure Cancer
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Turmeric’s effect on cancer has been studied from early 2005. In 2013 International laboratory did a study on bowel cancer cells. They observed the results of combined treatment of curcumin and chemotherapy, which resulted in a very promising outcome.

One of the limitations of curcumin is that our body does not easily absorb it. They exhibit rapid metabolism and systematic elimination. Washington State University developed a drug delivery system incorporating curcumin into the scaffolds to avoid its fast metabolism. However, it is yet to find out the side effects when taken in a larger amount. There have been cases like stomach pain and skin problems when taken in a large quantity.

More clinical trials have to be conducted before implementing it. Plus no reputable scientific organization have claimed turmeric to be a proper cure.

Maybe in future, this golden powder can turn out to be the golden cure for cancer.

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