China Introduces Its First Sky Train

In an exciting development in transport technology, one of the world’s largest economies, China, has introduced its first sky train!

After Germany and Japan have developed this technology, China is the third country to do so. The train was rolled out in the city of Nanjing by the Nanjing Puzhen Company Limited.

The officials in the government claim that the train, composed of two compartments, can carry more than two hundred passengers in one go and in comparison to its counterparts, the subway, and trams, these sky trains are cheaper, can resist the wind better and also possess greater climbing and the turning power.

Its benefits do not stop only here. The train can run for 4 hours on one complete charge of batteries – eco-friendly as well! The batteries can also be changed when it is at a station and this process takes only two minutes which means they have thought of every aspect so that delays don’t occur! These sky trains also take only a maximum of five months which is comparatively shorter than the time taken to build subways.

These sky trains will serve as great modes of transportation in cities which currently lack public transport because of their durability and cheap cost – a great fit for tier two and tier three cities. These trains will be rolled out at scenic places in China next year according to sources.

The introduction of transport completely on batteries is a welcome step because there are already too many agents causing pollution, especially in the country of China where pollution levels are seen increasing every year. This is a cause of concern and companies have been trying to reduce pollution by taking many measures.

After all, which country doesn’t like safe, reliable, cheap, and non-polluting transport? Definitely, the Chinese government does!


Rupak Hattikudur

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