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BHU molestation case – Is it a pre-election conspiracy or legitimate threats?

Uttar Pradesh once again faces the humiliation regarding the women’s safety. The Banaras Hindu University is quite in fame regarding the protest, lathi-charge, and politics and yet once again they sought the media’s attention, this time the incident was concern for girl’s safety on campus.

On 21 September,2017 in the dawn time, two students try to molest a university girl. The perpetrator was riding a bike but due to dawn time and less light, the victim could not manage to note down the bike number. The incident took place near Bharat Kala Bhavan. The girl shouts to grab the guard’s attention who was just 10 meters away from the ground location but still girl did not receive any help. Further, the victim went to security guards, to the pectoral board members for filing a complaint but their cooperation was nil and guess what, she faced the taunt in return from the guards who were suggesting her to remain inside the hostel and uttering in the sense that they were taking the side of the culprits.

The kind of response was indigestible and unentertained; the incident creates the doubt in existence of humanity. Further on, victim companions and other universities student decided to report to the pectoral board in the midnight to request them to start the investigation. Firstly, the students requested for the CCTV footage but they refused to give them the footage as their CCTV is not working properly and they needed an engineer to correct it so if you want the footage then come up with your engineer- their words.

Secondly, students waited for whole night to let the probe begin but there was no response. After waiting for long, they proclaimed the commencement of protest on-site on September 22, 2017, at 6 AM. After 2/3 hours, they got support from off-campus students who were outsiders.

In an interview with a university girl said, “We want the investigation to begin; we want CCTV footage around the campus and the basic amenities for the women’s safety.” Initially the protest was a peaceful protest. They reiterated their demands but somehow after 4/5 hours police started gathering on-site tries to stifle their voices, they wanted to control the situation but at the end, they had to indulge in lathi-charge. The lathi-charge was not the way of terminating the protest absolutely condemned the way of treating them. According to news, nine students and two journalists were brutally beaten and was seriously injured. This way of silencing the student voices is unacceptable and creates panic among the students. Most of the students including the victim went their home back.

C.M. Yogi Adityanath stake the allegation on anti-social elements in decimating the atmosphere. “Have already ordered the administration to initiate the investigation without the harassment of the students. Told the police to get into the depth of incident.” – C.M. of Uttar Pradesh

On asking about the justification for delaying of the investigation, the senior officer told that because of on campus and off campus law and order, the pace of investigation is inhibited.

“Have already transfer the case files to crime branch” – Varanasi SSP V.K. Bhardwaj.

The interview, which pulls the audience attention in large number, is the interview of Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University. Senior reporter Ravish Kumar abashes the V.C. of BHU during his statement on HU molestation case.

The V.C. of BHU told that it was an intrigued colluding incident happen before the P.M. Modi visit to Banaras. The incident was a conspiracy in vitiating the atmosphere.

On asking the action he took as a V.C. he answered that – He immediately suspended the guard.

He also told that No lathi charge had occurred on the campus, the news, media got is the incorrect one and gates were broken by off-campus students. In addition, the university students were forced to speak against the university, it is a political conspiracy against us as P.M. Modi is visiting the Banaras in next few days.

“FIR was filed on September 25, 2017, and spontaneous action took place.” – He said

However, on asking about why it took three days to fill a FIR he said on the day zero, he got the news about the incident after 6 hours at midnight but until then according to his guards, the matter was resolved and the victim is satisfied.

How the V.C. can say on the live television that victim is satisfied even when culprits were not punished. They easily fled from the campus how is that possible? Guards should respond properly they should shut down the university gates immediately after getting the complaint.

The V.C. chancellor is telling that there was a decentralized system in our campus so whenever the junior officer can not clear the matter then only they come to me. So that’s why it took almost 6 hours to get the news of molestation in the campus and the news he received was that the matter is clear now.

Such a shame, the guards the pectoral members they should have some dignity and show some humanity.


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