Back Benching Benefits

We have all been there – using the last row of benches in the classroom as our defence mechanism against boring lectures and annoying teachers or just because why not. I think that back-benchers have always been shown in a very negative light and thought of as socially unacceptable or something that the “bad” kids did.

However when you think about it, back-benching isn’t that bad at all. There are many advantages of it that many may not have realised yet so here are few that you should know:

1.Ridiculously low expectations

Let’s kick it off with the biggest benefit. In this day and age we all know that expectations are pretty much the root cause of all stress – whether it be at home, school or your social circle. Backbenchers have a little load off their shoulders because teachers automatically place the bar really low for them, assuming that that’s what they are capable of (judging from the history of back-benchers and mere human nature, not that backbenchers actually lack anything). Being a backbencher you can pretty much sail through class without the pressure of knowing the answer.

2.Surprise people

Now that we’ve established and acknowledged the low expectations of people, that also paves the way for us to outdo people’s expectations. Although this may not apply to everyone, when you absolutely ace at something in class, it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for everyone (not to mention a slap on the face of those who had low expectations). It’s always better to over-perform than to under-perform.

Back-benching Benefits_023.Food

Face it – hiding food and eating at the last bench is way easier than any of the front benches. Backbenchers basically win at this.

Back-benching Benefits_034.Bill Gates

Yeah Bill Gates was a proud member of the backbench community – just putting it out there. Look where he is now. Backbenchers get the opportunity of being associated with such successful personalities.

Back-benching Benefits_045.Panoramic view

From the back, we really get an amazing view of the whole class and get to observe the diverse personalities and dynamics of the class. The usual love birds, the wall-flower, the one who is dozing off, the eager beaver, the note-taker etc. It really gives you a feel of your class and you get to know your classmates. This also gives you an edge over all the gossips and talks that go on since you have a view of literally everything that goes on in class.

Back-benching Benefits_05

6.Liberty to sleep

No one cares if you fall asleep at the back bench but if you fall asleep on the first bench; catastrophe. Hypocrisy but that’s life and luckily backbenchers have the easy way out.

Back-benching Benefits_067.Respond to texts

Since you are shielded from the eyes of the teacher, you can access your phone in class! Only for good and important reasons of course. Like when you have to tweet a picture of your sleeping-drooling friend next to you or text your other backbencher friends to plan lunch after class. All legitimate reasons.

8.They’ll never know what hit them

You can throw paper planes at your classmates (nemesis) and they’ll never know it’s you because there are so many other people in between. Backbenchers are basically ninjas.

Back-benching Benefits_089.Easy escape

Backbenchers always have the option of sneaking out the back door when the going gets tough. Sometimes, even after attendance is taken you can stealthily crawl your way out and no one will know. (Reemphasizing the fact that backbenchers are ninjas)

Back-benching Benefits_0910.Everyone’s envy

Being a backbencher automatically puts the ‘cool’ label on you and it is no secret that everyone (especially the friends at front) envies the liberties and aura of backbenchers. They can get away with anything and actually enjoy their time in class. So who’s the real winner here?

Back-benching Benefits_10

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