Source: TravelByDarcy

The idea of a couple going off on a holiday before the arrival of the new addition to the family is not uncommon today. What is different from other vacations, though, is the nature of activities involved. Once the woman is comfortable in her pregnancy and provided there are no complication and restrictions during the gestation period, travel is favored for relaxation and tranquility.

The trip is mainly to unwind from the routine of life to spend time together as a couple and be one with nature. There are no adventurous activities given the fact that the woman is with child, however, there are a variety of recreation that includes strolling by the seaside, lounging at a picturesque resort, spa visits, art exhibitions, trying out gourmet restaurants etc. are all things that can enjoyed together by the husband and wife.

The vacation should provide them the rejuvenation and energy that they will require once the baby arrives. It is for that very reason it is important to pick a place that will fulfill such requirements. The expenditure, traveling, and distance should be on the lower side. Further, a ‘babymoon’ is meant for relaxing and hence should not be jam-packed with activity. This is the very essence of the vacation and more and more couples today are choosing this.

Once the child arrives, it will be a lot of sleepless nights, soothing of a crying baby, constant feedings, nappy changes and many more things in the unchartered territory, which will be the ultimate test of one’s patience and will power. While it would be rewarding to spend time with the newborn, it will take every last ounce of energy to care for it, which is exactly why a babymoon is much required.

Babymooning is a great way for the couple to revel in each other’s company and cementing their bond even further before the birth. Pregnancy brings the couple closer as they are going to welcome a tiny bundle that is a gift of their love. Spending time alone, to take it in and appreciate their special legacy and to experience every moment in the journey towards parenthood is truly a blessing.

Hear that? Absolutely nothing. This is probably the last time you will have an extended peace and quiet time for a long while. After all, it is the calm before the storm. So enjoy it while it lasts!!