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Has Social Media Become A Platform For Cyberbullying?

Over the years social media platforms have reformed the way we communicate. They have given us seemingly inescapable ways of connectivity, shattering the barriers of time and space. Through these platforms, we can keep in touch with friends across the globe, follow celebrities, and stay updated on the latest news in real time.

This inevitable connectivity has created an epidemic of bullying across social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many similar platforms have become a breeding ground for cyberbullying – a situation where animosity is conveniently established, supervision is minimal, and ‘logging off’ nearly unthinkable.

From victim-blaming, slut-shaming to sexual harassment bullying is more drastic than ever on the internet. Anyone irrespective of their age or social status can be a victim of shaming or bullying over the internet. Although teens and women, in particular, suffer the most when it comes to such spiteful acts.

Now a person doesn’t even need to know someone to bully them. A harsh comment, nasty meme or abusive post is enough to set ablaze another person’s social stature, and all this happens with the bully sitting comfortably behind a computer screen.  It is easier to feel less empathetic towards the victim because you cannot see the implications of your actions, thus, it requires less effort to say abominable hiding behind a screen.

Written words are powerful and they have a devastating effect on the victim of cyberbullying in the form of depression, truancy, self-harm, and even suicides. So before you start posting something nasty about someone on a social media platform just contemplate why you have reached this point in your life where you have to degrade someone in order to feel superior. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep scrolling.

Durrey Shahwar

An HR student by profession. Bibliophile, Logophile, and Ailurophile. Aspiring writer, coffee addict,and a big foodie.

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