Alternate Reality
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Have you ever felt that lots of thoughts are crumbling inside your mind, but you can’t wrap up them? Yeah, it happens!!…

When things start happening beyond your imagination when equations are not as we had expected. Amid the hurly burly of the day, the hypothetical reality strikes our mind and a type of blank feeling comes across us. Sometimes it makes us feel that we are in some sort of utopian world. This type of an alternate reality can change the gravity of our thinking.

Let me make it simpler, I had a feeling about parallel thinking, and I used to think that there are thoughts and ideas that can’t be woven into something. I was wrong, I wrapped up some thoughts of such times: ” The unwanted truth was being dug up inside the dark curvy lanes of my hollow mind. While struggling through bubbles of blank lies, it was like scratching the nails on a glass window .” All these clingy miracles happened before are trying to convince me to believe what’s really happening.

Still confused? , let me break it down for you. Sometimes when your mind is trying to dissolve some creepy thoughts but few fictional elements are forcing you to think something else. These binary thoughts are like a dead memory which is continuously waving as the unburnt truth. It’s like mind is sentencing you to evade the capture of beautiful significant moments.

Charles Bruce Catton an American historian and journalist said that “Sooner or later you must move down an unknown road that leads beyond the range of the imagination and the only certainty is that the trip has to be made.”

So the next time you feel like this, try to bind the thoughts at that time. It will help you in understanding your mind fantasy.

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