A simple yet heart touching love story

This story will make you feel what love is in real. How it feels when you fall in love with someone and how you manage to live with the same person you love.

This old man told a story how he and his wife lived so many years together.

“We grew up in adjacent lanes, so since the age of 10, we would play together. We met every evening in the garden near our houses, and most of our childhood days were spent running around, playing hide and seek or catch and cook together,” he said.

“Even before we knew it, our parents thought that there was something between us– they were friends and would keep joking about us ending up together,” he added.

He told that “I only realized my feelings for her when I had to move away. I was in the US and she was here, back home and those three years of not seeing her every day were the hardest for me.

Source: Humans Of Bombay
Source: Humans Of Bombay

She knew it, I knew it — there was no need for words between us…we had to get married. That’s how I ended up spending the better part of my life with my partner in crime — she was my best friend.

A few years ago, I asked her if she wanted tea this one morning. She said no, so I said I was stepping out to get myself a cup and I would be back soon. 15 minutes later, when I returned I found her in her rocking chair without a pulse. Just like that, she peacefully passed away and that has been without a doubt, the saddest moment of my life.

It’s like a part of me is gone with her…I don’t think I can say anymore.”

Source: Humans Of Bombay

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