60-Year-Old Man Allegedly Molested A 6-Year-Old Beggar

What are we waiting for? And for whom? It’s painful to see that now girls are getting molested in broad daylight and no one is bothered. People seldom raise their voice even when they see such inhumanity happening right in front of their eyes. The first question they bring up is, why should I? I don’t want to get tangled in the lawsuits for years. Yes, these are the reasons and question we hear.

Recently in a repulsive incident, an older adult was caught on camera molesting a 6-year-old girl beggar in Delhi’s Connaught Place area. This disgusting incident came to light when a man caught the 60-year-old red-handed.

Later, the man shot a video of the alleged and confronted him about his unlawful behaviour. The passer-by found the accused kissing the minor girl, who was begging in the heart of the national capital.

Once caught the police and people who were at the spot interrogated the alleged. In the video, the alleged could be heard saying he kissed the girl as he was ‘hungry’ and gave her Rs 10.

A man shot this video and shared it in his Instagram. In the video, the alleged was also heard saying he kissed the girl as she was like his daughter and wasn’t aroused at all.

The person who posted the video added that–“This man is around 60-years-old. I saw him when me and my friends were passing through Connaught Place Metro Station. He was kissing a girl forcefully and touching her private part. The girl is 6-year-old. She is a beggar at CP. She was crying, and then I caught him at the moment and handover him to the police.”

The man who shot the video further went on, saying that he had been to the police station and found out that the girl was poor. Her family couldn’t afford to file an FIR. He stated that it was a heartbreaking moment when the girl said to him ‘bhaiya bachalo’.

As you have read this whole article, now let me ask you the question of why you shouldn’t respond? Is it just when such brutality happens to your friend, family or acquaintance that you will voice out? Then why do you pledge to see everyone as brothers and sisters? We have enough and more laws against molestation, but all remain in papers. What should we do with such people?

We need to change our mentality; we can’t let such monsters roam around free. It’s time such itchiness be treated in it’s most resolute manner.

Kautilya Sharma

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