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Even though taking dowry as per Indian Penal Code is a punishable offence with a minimum of seven years of imprisonment, it is still being practised in various parts of our country. Many cases are being reported wherein women have to face the atrocities of in-laws and husband in the name of dowry. Earlier this year, a shocking video went viral in social media, which showed the former Madras High Court judge and his family torturing their daughter-in-law over dowry.

There are just a few numbers of cases which make into the media. However, it is good to see people stand against this evil practice and are being an example for the others.

Recently a BSF constable from Jaipur refused Rs. 11 Lakh dowry from his in-laws on the day of his marriage. Alternatively, he accepted Rs. 11 and coconut as a token from the bride’s parents.

Setting an example, the BSF constable Jitendra Singh from Amba Bari locality in the city of Jaipur said a definite no to the cash being offered at his wedding. Initially, the bride’s parents were shocked as they thought that the baraatis (wedding guests) were unhappy with their arrangement. However, they were surprised, by the kind gesture showed by the groom and his family that touched the hearts of people who attended the wedding. Jitendra and Chanchal Shekawat got married in the city last Saturday.

Jitendra said, the day he was told that his wife-to-be had completed LLB and LLM graduate and was pursuing her PhD, he decided to decline the dowry strictly. He and his family were happy about her academic pursuits and thought of declining dowry on the day of the wedding. Moreover, Rajendra Singh (Jitendra father) said that the bride is well educated and they will further facilitate in her higher studies.

An evil like dowry can only be wiped out if the people decide to do so. Even with severe punishment, people still practice this, the worst side of it is that; even the so-called educated category is no exception in following this. We can only hope for the best for our daughters as even law seems to fail in when such cases never end up being reported.

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