5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Do you think you’ve found the person you think can be by your side through thick and thin? Do you think she’s going to help you through your dark phase? If you think so, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to propose him/her to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. After all, true love shouldn’t wait! This Valentines Day, propose your partner to be your boyfriend/girlfriend as it is a day of love and proposing your partner on this day can turn out to be quite memorable (and also easy to remember for those who have a problem of forgetting).

Here are 5 innovative ways to propose your partner.

1. Take him/her on a romantic getaway

5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentines Day
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This is a classic way to propose. Take your partner to his/her favourite place, do the things he/she loves the most, spend the day with your partner talking and sharing memories. At night, after you’ve spent the whole day together, propose her. I’m sure you’ll get a positive reply.

2. A trip down memory lane

5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentines Day
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Utilise a room in your house and decorate it with all the souvenirs you have from your days together. It would be romantic, and it will also represent the unconditional love you have for your partner.

3. Video Proposal

5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentine's Day
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It’s a common way of the proposal, but most of the times very effective too. What you have to do is make a video of you sharing your real inner feeling about how your partner is going to be your other half and how you will never leave his/her side. After this, you can easily ask what you have been dying to ask. I’m sure after such sweet words, who’s going to reject you? Moreover, this is best for people who are shy to say out feeling on the face.

4. Utilise the radio

5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentines Day
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Another good way to propose to your partner can be by utilising the radio. Ask the people at the radio first to call your partner (so that he/she listens to the radio at the same time), play your partner’s favourite song followed by your proposal. When it’s in front of almost the whole country, is your partner going to say no? I don’t think so. After all, your gesture was lovely and thoughtful!

5. A Countdown

5 Ways To Propose Your Partner This Valentines Day
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You can easily do a countdown till V-day, 10-14 days prior. You can start by sending her small gifts such as chocolates and flowers. Later on, as the day comes near, you can gift the things she likes, and she might require. On the proposal day, you can either take her out on a date, or you can prepare a meal for her, especially with your own hands.

There are other ways to propose your partner to such as spreading your partner’s house with flowers (roses as they symbolise love), writing her a romantic letter in case you’re a good writer or maybe even recreating the first date you ever went on. There are millions of ways to propose to your partner, but the only speciality of all the proposals is that it should come from your heart.

How do you think you’ll propose to your partner?

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