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10 Hindi TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Made



#1: The One and Only Bigg Boss

Source: peppystory

This is been encouraged from an International reality show called BIG BROTHER since 1999. It makes its contestants stay in one specially constructed house. Based on the ratings on each contestant how they act, behave, fight, argue, play the given tasks, one will be chosen as the final winner. The show made people get hyped to have an eye on the Big Boss house every day. It is almost like knowing and having interest in your neighbor’s life each day and judging them for what they are.

This show is so meaningless that people will learn nothing except how to drag arguing and be jobless. The contestants earn huge just by doing nothing. And the viewer’s get nothing even after watching not less than 100 days of the show running except gossiping.

#2: Gadbad CID

Source: youthconnect

CID team is the best to fool people from past 17 years.They are out of the world talented team where they have only one office, they were bachelors, can find the owner/victim of the dress by just looking at a piece of cloth, forensics done by 2 people, they die at least 5 times but still, nothing happens and what not. It is amazing how they deal with the investigation. Want to have a look?


Victim- Harish mera pati tha

Daya-“Kya? Harish tumhara pati tha?

Victim- “Haan sir! Woh mera pati tha”

Abhijeet- “Harish sach Mein tumhara pati tha?”

Victim- “Haan sir”

ACP- “My god! Iska matlab samjhe Daya!? Yeh Harish ki Patni thi”.

Voila! The ice-breaking

is done.

#3: Splitsvilla


Source: makegif


Gosh! Acting dumb and idiotic just for 5 Lakh rupees.If someone has watched this show, they will know how the extent of the worst people can go to host in MTV, get fame and win worthless money. This is a show where its pretty clear that women are disgraced which is by their own choice and they fight for guys to fall for them. It’s a wicked way to show how worst the attraction of women and men can go to. Focussing on youth, they grow their TRP’s. It’s not Splitsvilla, it is Disgustsvilla.

#4: Naagin

Source: Google

This shows team brings no logic of biology and nature.Anything could happen, the death, the rebirth, then death again. Naagin show is more of a jungle stories or discovery channel with hero and heroine, where we can see different animals under one roof. If someone wants to take an off from your work, watch this show and you can honestly say you’re suffering from a headache.

#5: Sansani

Source: Google

How can someone be so annoying saying the sensational news with the horrible voice saying”Dhyaan se dekhiye”, “Chain se sona hai toh jaag jao”, “Gaur se dekhiye is aadmi ko”. This anchor it self is so scary and he tries to bring the crime news scarier. It should be observed that crimes can also happen in horror way.

#6: Khatron Ke Khiladi

Source: sims

KKK is a risky adventurous show where contestants get their lives on the heat. Though the contestants are on the go to do all the stunts the viewers on the other side of TV wants to do the same. Sleeping still with lots of snakes, collecting honey from the bunch of honey bee stalls and much more is hyping the viewers to try the stunts which are not safe.

#7: Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma

Source: Giphy

Never understood what is the story or the actual intake of this show. It’s just boring but still, there are a large bunch of people who watch it and made this the top TRP rating show. There are irritating characters, voices and without realizing they completed 2000 episodes.

#8: Roadies

Source: Buzzfeed

This is a reality show for youth scripted by MTV.Yes! Scripted. It is observed that in many of the interviews that the contestants say the fights, the arguments are pre-planned. If someone ever has to learn something from Roadies, its just the skin show, the vulgar language to highlight their TRP ratings. It’s just a package of dump how everyone behaves in the Tv show.

#9: Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba

Source: makegif

To say in our words, “Yeh wrong number hai”. Nirmal Baba is self-styled godman who give remedies to people. He has solutions to every problem and acts as he’s the businessman of blessings.Laughing out loud concept has to be managed when he says the solutions. Have a look for head smacking solutions.

Having an employment problem? Then third eye answer is “Use a black wallet for next one month”.

If you are not happy at home. Then the third answer is ” Switch your flour based bread to whole wheat bread”.

We should wonder what is that third eye focussed on.

#10: Crime Patrol/Savdhaan India

Source: makegif

If anyone of us has never had any doubts on relationships, this is a must show to watch. After watching this, parents brain get washed away, children go extremes in their thoughts, married ones can have illogical fights. Except giving information of made up/ true crimes, they spoil people’s head.

I am too much passionate about being creative. I take up challenges and do not hesitate to meet new people and have great learnings from them. I look up for opportunities and new tasks instead of getting settled for what I have.I am a pack of surprises and love.


Keanu Reeves Returns with “The Matrix Resurrection”



Matrix Resurrections 2021 | News Aur Chai

The expectation of the unexpected fourth instalment of The Matrix Resurrections in the sci-fi establishment has started with another banner prodding the arrival of its first trailer.

The film Matrix 4 comes out 18-years after The Matrix Revolutions. It is planning to be the last film in a trilogy reporting the transformation of Computer programmer Thomas Anderson into cybercriminal Neo. As he finds the conventional world, he occupies a recreated reality.

Loosening up the expectation, with a special promotional. It highlights red and blue pills sit next to each other underneath the clear message: ‘The Choice is yours.’ Fans of the famous establishment will perceive the pills as a definitive choice given to Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, as he picks between life in the conflict assaulted real world or the ‘beautiful prison’ of a substitute reality. Penetrating static fills in as the scenery, as small strings of Matrix code has seen falling inside the pills before the whole scene liquefies.

Fans can proceed with their adventure on, an intelligent pick your-own-experience style site. Given a similar decision there, red brings you down a rabbit hole where you’re told: ‘This is the moment for you to show us what’s real.’ Then scenes from the film teaser, showing the slight hindrance between the natural world and the fake world known as The Matrix. One of the Best Scenes is Reeves’ Neo gulping a blue pill while a lot more seasoned, a balder man shows up in his appearance.

The scenes reviewed rely upon which pill selection and each emphasis on the decision made. The Red Pill requests that the watcher go further into the reality behind the Matrix. While the Blue Pill cautions them to avoid it again so as not to agitate the norm and welcome undesirable risk.

Still, the viewer’s decision makes, in any case, every secret seems to end with a brief look at Keanu Reeves as Neo, with different eyes. He either collaborates with characters who could be his partners in the film or plans to fight against its expected scalawags, be they Agents, pernicious projects, or even people.

The person who clicks on the blue pill will hear Harris’s voiceover saying: “You’ve lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction.” Before encouraging the viewer to embrace that their situation is genuine. At the current time, streaks on the screen, and Harris peruses it, saying, “anything else is your mind playing tricks on you.” By contrast, ones’ who click on the red pill hear Abdul-Mateen’s voice revealing to them that while they trust it’s the current time — once more. With Abdul-Mateen perusing the time out loud — “that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Regardless, a progression of quick-cut shots from “Revivals” streaks on the screen during the two situations. As each time a viewer taps on a pill, the recording changes.

‘This could be this is the first day of the rest of your life, but if you want it, you gotta fight for it.’ The portrayal wraps while showing star Keanu Reeves prepared to battle. Then, at that point, finishing on a vile note, they show somebody contacting the PC port at the rear of their head and inquire: ‘We don’t want anyone to get hurt, do we?’

From visionary movie producer Lana Wachowski. The new film reunites unique stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity, the infamous roles they made well known.’ The first Matrix film in 1999 met with much essential acclaim upon its introduction. The element is following up by two other movies, which were both delivered in 2003. Warner Bros. uncovered the title for the fourth Matrix film during its CinemaCon board. The Matrix Resurrections will release on December 22, 2021.

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BTS Army Rents Billboards In Mumbai To Celebrate BTS Jungkook’s Birthday



BTS Army Birthday Mumbai Hoarding | News Aur Chai

Golden Maknae BTS Jungkook will be celebrating his 24th birthday on September 1, 2021, as Army’s all over the world prepare to wish him a happy birthday. Millions of fans have united to create thoughtful and extravagant birthday projects celebrating his birthday throughout the world. There’s nothing that is going unturned by the Army to make Jungkook’s day as special as possible.

With projects ranging from cruise ships to drones, Jungkook has exerted his influence across many fields. According to reports, his birthday ads will be played 1000 times on LED boards. Twitter is flooded with Happy Birthday Jungkook messages.

BTS Army Birthday Mumbai Hoarding | News Aur Chai

Image by: Gauri Deekonda For NAC Media

Obviously, India is part of the mix as well. India is set to get its first Jungkook bus shelter advertisement in Mulund, Mumbai. For the first time, India has seen such posters and this project on such a large scale in the country so far.

Jungkook’s Indian fan base dedicated a billboard to him. According to a tweet posted by @Jungkook_INDIA, fans in Mumbai have rented a bus stop billboard in Mulund West, adorning it with pictures of Jungkook, also quoting, “You are the cause of my Euphoria.” Bus Shelter advertisement also showed QR codes to Jungkook’s solo hits such as Begin, Euphoria, My Time, and Still With You. Bus Shelter Advertisement will be displayed until September 4, 2021.

Upon being asked about the project, @Jungkook_INDIA replied, “We choose Mulund since it’s in Mumbai, where it is easily accessible for more ARMYs to come and see the project. This is not the first time a foreign artist/K-pop idol on the billboard in India, another fandom already done that, but it is the first time for a bus shelter billboard. We did this to show our love and support, and we are glad if locals came to know more about BTS through the billboard”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless charity projects and other billboards that will mark the singer’s 24th birthday. The Billboard project is another illustration of how K-pop’s fan following in India is immensely growing.

BTS is a popular South Korean boy band and Jeon Jungkook is the youngest member of the band. There are seven members of the group — RM, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They enjoy a massive fan following internationally, India being no exception. BTS seems to connect with a massive number of people irrespective of their language because they talk about topics that many artists of today’s generation may have failed to do. These seven young men talk about discrimination, gender equality, mental illness, loving oneself, etc. Their songs resonate with people belonging to any age and background. Moreover, they cover a wide variety of genres. The group debuted on June 13, 2013; despite all the odds against them, the BTS members each succeeded in their own way. Each member has their own unique personality and talents that make the group so great.

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Journey of Raj Kundra: From IPL owner to Porn Movies Producer



Raj Kundra Case II News Aur Chai

Businessman Raj Kundra has hit the headlines after his arrest by the Mumbai police for having a connection in the production and distribution of pornographic content. Kundra has been involved in many controversies. Be it money laundering, drama from a first marriage or a criminal case from Poonam Pandey, he has had it all.

Going back to the beginning of Raj Kundra

Born in Ludhiana, he migrated to the United Kingdom in childhood. At the age of 18, he went to Dubai and then later to Nepal, where he started a shawl business. He later began selling shawls to fashion companies in Britain that lead to an increase in his fortunes. After entering the construction sector in Dubai, he developed connections in Bollywood and got into film production. He met Shilpa Shetty and married her.

Together they owned the Rajasthan Royals team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). But, this ownership didn’t last for long as in 2013 came Kundra’s major scandal for match-fixing. He was alleged to have a role in spot-fixing and was banned for a lifetime from IPL.

The current case involves Kundra in an adult film racket. Earlier this year, the Mumbai police had arrested a group of people for allegedly forcing women into porn movies. The group was targeting models and females who aspired to enter Bollywood. They forced these women to act in pornographic content on the pretext of giving them roles.

The movies were circulated on mobile apps, offering subscriptions along the lines of mainstream OTT platforms. They would then advertise on social media platforms to promote such content. Since pornography is illegal in India, this too was against the law.

The police then believed two aspects of this racket. One was catching those that produced these explicit adult content and those who circulated these tapes. Quite a bit of the production houses broadcasting such content was traced from servers outside the country. One such production house was sourced to a UK based organisation found uploading such content. The executive of that company, Umesh Kamat, was charged and arrested. It was then discovered that Kundra’s alleged connection to Kamat and the company that uploaded such pornographic content brought him into the controversy.

After his arrest, Kundra was booked under various IPC sections. IPC 420 that deals with cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property. IPC 34 condemns acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. IPC 292 and 293, that’s related to obscene and indecent advertisements and displays

Kundra might also face charges in accordance to the IT Act and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act.

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