Manish Sishodia Ease of Doing Business
Source: NDTV

Our government initiatives facilitate the India’s ranking in “Ease of business”, claim the credits for jump- Manish Sisodia

Deputy Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia claims their city government initiatives play a crucial role in facilitating the country rank in Ease of Doing Business.

During a press conference in Delhi after addressing the implantation of fresh laws in the field of health and education, the deputy minister proclaims the several achievements leading to endorsement in the country rank.

According to World Bank report, two metro cities Mumbai and Delhi play vital role to get 30 pints jump, shifts to 100 position in the world.

“Our city government several initiatives play a big role in increasing the affinity of doing business” – Manish Sisodia.

During the conference, he mentions the several initiatives and their impact encompassing the following:

From last two years, the issuing of industry license accomplishes at same day on internet online without wasting two days that used to happen earlier.

The Delhi city government is fastest government in providing the VAT (value added tax) PIN earlier the inspector used to visit the on-site when applicants apply for the VAT but nowadays everything is done online.

For new electricity connection, the time consumed reduced to 45 days from 138 days.

For commencing a new restaurant, no inspection of an inspector is required.

We deployed the inspector-raj from Delhi and that plays a big role in ease of doing business.

“We are proud of Delhi government for taking such steps. We requested the central government to allow us to do our work without any interruption because our efforts will benefit everyone in the country even you too as the credits admire on to your hands. We appeal the Supreme Court too to broaden our powers so that we can work bigger output. Let us work for at least two years without disruption and intervention from CBI, IT and ED by triggering them behind us. We will stand up to the people’s expectation and not only in the business sector but we will contribute in health and education sector too to facilities the country name as you will get the credit too.” – Manish Sisodia