YouTube Introduced New Tweaks To Enhance Experience

YouTube has come up with new tweaks for its Android and IOS mobile app users to make the app more user- friendly. This includes rearranging some buttons as well as adding some new gestures. It has also expanded ‘Video Chapters’ to allow users to see a complete list of all chapters included in the video being watched.

According to a blog post by YouTube, the company has introduced five significant changes recently. The prominent ones are a more streamlined player page that is aimed at saving time as well as delivering a better video watching experience, and gesture controls which allows YouTube to be more efficient while you’re watching videos.

  • More streamlined player page

The first change that YouTube has made is that it has rearranged its caption (CC) button to a more prominent location so that the caption can easily be turned on/off. It has also shifted the autoplay toggle beside the caption button on the top right corner of the player, where you get the Chromecast button. The company says that it will be testing the rearranged autoplay toggle design on Desktop soon.

  • Use YouTube gestures for better experience

YouTube has also come up with new gestures to make the app more convenience for its users. YouTube already has a double-tap gesture to fast forward or rewind the video for 10 seconds, and now has come up with swipe up and swipe down gesture to enter and exit full-screen mode. Hence now user can simply swipe up on the video player and the video will start playing on full screen in landscape mode and when one may swipe down the video will be back in portrait mode.

  • Video Chapters to find what you are looking for

YouTube Video Chapters, which help the user to better navigate videos by allowing them to skip forward to a specific section of a video, rewatch a part of a video and many others. It has now extended this feature to accommodate a new list view that you can find by tapping or clicking the chapter title in the player. This new feature will help users to see a complete list of all the chapters included in the video that they are watching each with a preview thumbnail of what you will find in that chapter.

  • New recommended actions enhance experience

It has started to roll out suggested actions which prompt user to rotate their phone and play view in VR quality for better experience.

  • Bedtime Reminders 

YouTube has recently introduced bedtime reminders, a new digital wellbeing tool that helps the user set reminders at definite times to stop watching videos and go to bed. This, along with the other wellbeing features, will allow a user to manage their time on YouTube.

YouTube, with a global community of more than two million people, are always on the lookout for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with users favourite videos. The company is in a way to introduce a few more changes in future.

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