You Name It And Delhi Has It!

It’s justifiably the capital of India.
It’s a lot more than just the city of love and food. A city with an absolute combination of tradition and modernity. On one side you find all the historical places along with the religious ones while on the other hand, it has big shopping malls, cafes and world class airport.
So here are some unique places you must visit in Delhi, which will leave you enthralled. Take down notes and visit them right now!

#1: Historical Places

Delhi is a city of innumerable monuments. Starting your day with fresh greens of Lodhi Garden, admiring the ancient tombs and verandas of this beautiful heritage site of Delhi. Take a break from the monotonous life and walk down beautiful pathways giving a kick start to your day.
Next on the list to visit is the alluring Lotus Temple. A temple with 27 petals of a lotus. Not just a religious place with admiring architecture but a peaceful place. To complete this, Qutub Minar, an Indian version of leaning tower of Pisa is a must to visit. Not only with a unique architecture but it’s the first of its kind. It still seems to sing the song of Mughal Empire in India.
Furthermore, India Gate. A walk through this splendour architecture is a must in Delhi, giving a salute to the brave martyrs. A proud feeling for an Indian would be standing right in front of the Amar Jawan Jyoti.
Also, other places to visit could be Humayun’s Tomb, Tomb of Safdarjung or even the Tughlaqabad Fort.

Delhi Historical Places
Source: The Indian Weekly

#2: Nehru Planetarium

Want to refresh your school days chapters of the solar system, then this is the place to give you a playback of your memories. Situated near Teen Murti house, Nehru planetarium is now a wing of the Nehru Memorial Museum. The strength of this place lies in its personal, live interactions and programs with a number of workshops and activities through your the years. A must visit place for all agar groups, giving a thrilling and never forgetting experience. Thus, it’s the best place not only for the astronomy enthusiasts but also a good information corner.

Nehru Planetarium
Source: InstaLively

#3: Hauz Khas Village

Revisiting history with a glamour.
Well known from the medieval times, the Hauz Khas village has had a number of, amazing building giving people the reminder of the Islamic old architecture and has retained its charm by very well maintaining the parks. Interestingly this old quiet place has regained its charisma by the opening of a number of cafes. Thus this is the place frequently visited by youngsters and not a weekend goes by when HKV is quiet. The ancient Mughal Village has taken shape into a happening place of the Partygoers of Delhi.
Get enthralled by the scenic beauty in the daytime while hit any cafe or lounge at night, A full day tour is waiting.

Hauz Khas New Delhi
Source: University Express

#4: Mystery Rooms

One Goal – One way out.
A challenge awaits you to complete before time kicks you out. It may sound difficult but is as easy as solving a puzzle is. Getting locked in a room for 60mins and using every single nerve of your mind to solve and find hints and prove the strength and power of your team to pay for your freedom. Just see, think, analyse, interpret and conclude. This unique adventure is created to entertain each age group with nothing dangerous.

Mystery Rooms Delhi
Source: Buzzintown

#5: Splash Museum Of Toilets

The name may sound a bit bizarre and out of the wall, but this is where it’s creativity lies. Founded by Dr Bindeshawar Pathak, this museum has a rare collection of snaps, facts and objects detailing the historic evolution of toilets right from 2500 BC to date. Interestingly it gets to heart a very serious health problem of Indian, the problem of proper sanitation.
The museum even displays how kings and queens used toilets made of gold and silver. This place receives a daily stream of visitors from across India and the world. A unique museum to look at and for raising awareness.

Museum Of Toilets
Source: DailyMail

#6: Rock Climbing Sessions

Lado-Sarai-Old Rocks
Adventure freaks, this is your place to visit. The world of rock climbing is here to learn to ascend granite cliffs in a park between Saket and Qutub Minar metro station. With experienced climbing coach to help you make way with the ropes, all under one roof. The workshop also includes trails on beginners level as well the advanced levels for experienced climbers.

Rock Climbing Delhi
Source: Tripoto

#7: Agrasen Ki Baoli

Aamir Khan’ PK draws attention to the otherwise hidden for years historical place, Agrasen ki Baoli. The well of Agrasen, located in the heart of the city, Connaught place, is a fine example of architecture combined with the brilliance of construction. This step well structure will surely fill you with wonder and amazement as soon as you visit this legendary place.
While no one is aware of the origin of this step wall structure, it is believed to be constructed by the king Ugrasen during the Mahabharata era. A different place to visit with your friends to admire the architecture and click pictures.

Agrason Fort Delhi
Source: Google Images

Come on.
Let’s give a visit to this city of Dil-Walas.

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