You don’t really thank people, who you should

Thanking people make them feel happy. So, why not be the reason behind somebody’s happiness? Honestly, we are much unthankful these days, to the people who truly should be thanked. Following is the list of the people who you don’t thank often.


To be frank enough, our parents are the reason we exist. They made us who we are today. There is nothing that you demand and your father don’t get you, be it anything. Have you ever thanked him? Do you ever thank your mother when she gives you her share of food? Do you ever thank her for the solutions she has for your problems every time? A simple THANK YOU does matter.1


All through our school life, we have cursed teachers for giving us so much of homework, for not letting us sit with our friends, and for scolding us for the things they thought were wrong. Thank them for this please, because they gave you so much of homework for you to learn what it is to do something on your own. They made you sit with other classmates instead of your friends, for you to understand different people. They scolded you, for you to differentiate between what is right and what’s not.2


Nobody really understands what it takes to roam around in the colony alone, at midnight, putting your life at stake. The ‘chaukidaar’ do the duty of protecting you, by risking his own life. Just someday if you get to see him, do thank! And you would make his day.3


Elder siblings are blessing. Thank them, because they have already gone through situations, which you are going through now. They have a lot of experience to share, they protect you from any harm, which life is about to bestow upon you. Thank them for saving you from all the situations they always have.4


Yes of course! All the music lovers should thank the originator of music. THANK YOU for discovering the thing, called music. I personally have an eternal love for music. Music is a saviour, gives peace, does not harm and is free. It carries you to your own dreamy world.5

  • GOD

Last but not the least, god should be thanked for giving you the power to handle the bad phase of your life. For blessing you with a life worth living. For providing you strength to see the good in a bad situation. And much more! So, whenever you pray, don’t always demand, say thanks someday for giving you a life.6

Thanking people makes them happy. And trust me, making someone happy genuinely will make your day.

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