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Women Empowerment: The Misunderstood Concept.

The title above truly is the most overrated topic of our times, every part of the society might be striving hard to abide by this but, truly speaking this might sound weird but this is also the most misunderstood changes the society has undergone.

The need of empowerment of the women was definitely essential in the society but somehow the messengers have failed to elaborate the actual meaning and importance of such big words.

In a society where women were abused in all possible ways and were still denied the right to speak, in the very same society which has symbolized women like goddesses there were people killing women on vague evidence of witchcraft.Women were mere pieces of furniture used for all types of comfort, a machine to produce babies and the permanent helping hand of the house. Daughters were burdens and something which was embellished to get lower dowry rates, they were merely protected as a commodity which belonged to someone else. Where the feminine gender was confined to the four walls of the house what so ever worse the conditions might be. Where even after marriage three repeated words decided her future and god forbid if the owner of the commodity dies then the commodity is of no value and hence it had to sacrifice its life too. In such a society there was this immense need of a seed of women empowerment.

Somewhere and at some time things changed may be just for naïve reasons , no evidence available but probably this was the result of the fragrance of education which has mesmerized people compelling them to give women education a try, the very existence of learned ladies like Visvavara, Lopamudra, A pala, Urvasi, Ghosa, Sulabha, Gargi, and others comes from here. When early marriage was in vogue such ladies made an edge by their grace and knowledge. Then was the very time when beauties were acknowledged for brains, times when wives of self-made men were brought to the forefront.

Changes have taken their time to grow but today society has reframed itself in a way very different from the past. Girls and women have been given basic and special rights (if driving two wheelers can be a special right). Governments and societies have cuddled women in miraculous ways, to mention bigger ways the initiatives of the Indian Air Force, numerous government initiatives for working women and the recent achievement of the abolishment of triple talaq.

The concept of women empowerment came from the Congress rule and Modi government has also given it utmost importance. However, the newest generations have misunderstood this a little and have brought everything to a point of equality with the opposite gender in all ways. It is somewhere inconvenient to measure everything on the scale of women empowerment as the society needs a slower pace to absorb everything related to the empowerment of women. Also, there are numerous points which might intersect when the safety of the feminine strata is compared to empowerment. Situations like the change in the working time of women and special cabs that cater to the safety of women while they return from their place to work clearly assert that empowerment of women cannot be achieved if women security is at stake.

Empowerment is at its place, slowly coming into contact with the wider population it is bringing changes slowly. Education and its worth are immense if we want women to speak of any form of ill treatment that they are facing in any discrete part of the world. Recent cases might not give full proof solutions, but they do promise better future. So stay calm and wait for the colors of women empowerment to actually engulf the society in a new aura of change.

Chandrani Mishra

An aspiring engineer with Confidence vibrating around her, her sense of responsibility and meticulous rendition of duties makes her dear to both teachers and her peers. A skilled orator her diligence and smartness is the very quintessence of her character. Reading her magical remedy and writing her necessary flow of expression. She enjoys art in all forms and is always inquisitive to explore more. Open to whatever new comes her way, she loves to learn.

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