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Why Startups Should Work In A Co-Working Environment

There is a storm of startups and we are in the eye of the storm. Not in a bad way, but in very development friendly way. The last decade saw a record rise in the number of startups in the country. This phenomenon was even supported by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as he reinforced young entrepreneurs through his policies.

But being a young entrepreneur isn’t exactly a bed of roses. You have to push, pull, shove, tackle, scare, and impress people, all at the same time. Then comes the stress of making other people work for you. Because of the internet, most startups don’t need a functioning office. Social networking bridges all communication gaps and your company functions smoothly.

However, there is something extremely alluring about a working office space. Imagine a room full of like-minded people drinking coffee, making jokes, brainstorming and running a company on their twenty-something shoulders.

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  1. It looks super serious 

    Remember Don Draper’s Office from Mad Men? Or Harvey’s from Suits? A glass door office overlooking the business district screams of serious conversations. Any client entering an office will be a fool not to network with you.

  2. Minions under the scanner

    Working in the office offers loads of resourcefulness. All employees are directly under the scanner. This helps you understand the working ability of your workers (Minions) and will better help you judge each worker.

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  3. Creative hot-house

    Inspiration is everywhere. Even inside the office. Startup companies have a reputation of having extremely chic offices. These type of areas fill your head with positive energy. The end result is a better working environment and a happy working force.

  4. It’s affordable

    Many co-working spaces offer very cheap and affordable rent, especially in comparison to hiring out an entire corporate office. That’s the beauty of a co-working space, it’s the perfect breeding ground for startups!

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    Source: OfficingNow
  5. Grow with the office

    Nothing is static for a startup and co-working spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodate growth. Have five employees one month and 10 the next? No problem, you can switch to a bigger office down the hall.

A study from found that those who decided to work in co-working spaces were more likely to be motivated, have higher levels of interaction, and more than half worked in supportive teams.

Samia Ahmed

Samia Ahmed was born in India but now lives in America where she is pursuing her passion for writing. Her work can be found in Coffin Bell Journal and Indus Woman Writing. Her flash fiction was nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2019. She has a forthcoming publication in an anthology published by Penguin. She has a masters in journalism. She believes in breaking stereotypes and continues to practice it while petting pretty black cats and sipping chai.

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