Why Speaking In Hindi Is An Embarrassment For People

That’s really an inappropriate question cause nobody gets embarrassed talking in their mother tongue if you do so you need to get your mentality changed. This is what strikes the mind just after reading the topic, right?

I wish it was true, practically. How often have you met people who make it a point they communicate in English in public places because they’re afraid people will judge them for being less ‘classy’ or ‘educated’? So many people choose to speak in English despite Hindi being their mother tongue and knowing it fully. The major reason for such behaviour is, of course, the fear of being judged and the mindset that speaking in English makes you look ‘cool’ and ‘modern’.There are a lot of times when a friend will jump in between a conversation just to show off his or her skills with the English language.

The reason why a large number of people are embarrassed speaking in their native languages could be because they have a limited ability to speak in that language. And then there is the apparent loss in stature from not speaking in English. This is dumb but true. Then there is the education system in India. Generally, it is English medium schools that are considered to provide good quality education. These schools are also not accessible to all and people have to pay a larger sum to get enrolled here. Finally, there is the assumption, that people still continue to have, that being able to speak in English improves their social status.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking in English, but using that to claim superiority over someone who can’t is just not cool.


Avni Aggarwal

A little hibernation is good for the mind, especially for those who write. I define myself as a person of conservative nature and I take it as a positive point as it helps me understand things better. Being a writer, it's easy to pen my feelings & opinion rather than voicing them out. Punctuality and hard work are something I swear on; I don't believe in waiting for deadlines but instead deliver my work on time.

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