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Why Raazi Is The Next Must Watch Movie?

Raazi movie is based on the novel named “Calling Sehmat” written by Harinder Sikka which is directed by Meghna Gulzar starring Alia Bhatt in a lead role. The movie revolves around the unbelievable true story of a patriot who is a wife, a daughter, and an SPY.

Raazi is believed to bring one such series of Bollywood films that praise the country and unintentionally gratify the psychology of the current society – The power of Hindustan; which makes it a must watch movie of this summer.

Find out more reasons to watch this national-nationalistic sentiment movie:

Echoes the Kargil war in 1971

Raazi is the story of an Indian Kashmiri woman, who is married to a Pakistani military officer during the war 1971. Her father trains her to be the “eyes and ears” for the country. She provided the most important information of the Pakistan plan to sink INS Viraat, which helped India saving this pride of India.

Razi Alia Bhatt
Source: Raazi

In short, this is the remarkable story of a spy who feeds information to the Indian Army during the time of Kargil war, 1971.

The heroic story of Patriotism and loyalty

Alia Bhatt as Sehmat (name changed) portrays the role a spy woman who was trained to be a facilitator only for the Indian Army, but she went far beyond her duty. After her operation ended, she returned to India with her son in her womb, who went on to become an officer in the Indian Army. The story also unfurls the ultimate test of patriotism for Sehmat’s family, who puts their daughter to do such a dangerous thing.

Gives place to the lost names of Patriots

No woman in earlier times was allowed to serve her country on Indian borders, but Sehmat and family’s courage and determination is not much known in the history Indo-Kargil war, 1971. A woman who unofficially dedicated her life to Indian Army with her major achievement in successfully providing information of Pakistan’s plan to sink INS Viraat. Hence, she successfully helped in saving this pride of India.

Razi Alia Bhatt
Source: Raazi

Thanks to Harinder Sikka, writer of the novel “Calling Sehmat” who brought out a story or else this woman’s bravery would have been lost like other patriots of the country.

Alia Bhatt in never before Avtar

Alia Bhatt said in an event, “I think in ‘Raazi’ audience will see me in completely different avtar at least that is my wish because ‘Raazi’ as a film is very different. It’s the first time I am doing a period film and is based on a true story as well, so I am very excited for it and I hope the audience will like it.”

Razi Alia Bhatt Vicky Kaushal
Source: Raazi

Apart from the number of reasons that makes Raazi a must watch film, we all have one strong reason and that is we’re Indians and patriotism is in our blood. Be it officially or unofficially, the sacrifices and courage of such patriots should never be forgotten. All Sehmat wanted was to unfurl the Indian tricolor at her house. She did it till her death, unofficially, and so we all must do.

Here you can watch the trailer of this amazing upcoming movie.

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