Why do people write ?

I have always been wondering why do people write and why does their pen’s ink crave for writing? You too might have wondered about it. People do write because they want others to read their creations. If this is what you think, you are wrong. It may be a reason but it’s not a significant reason people write for.

Here are the 5 most common reasons:

#1: To escape from reality

This is the biggest reason why people choose to write. When people get fed up from their lives, they create an imaginary world by writing where there’s everything they want from their lives. This helps them in escaping from reality and lets them travel in their beautiful utopian world.

#2: To be fully alive

The writing draws us into the moment. We see the blades of grass, watch the shade travel from one corner of the yard to another, seemingly for the first time. People write to be fully alive.

Ken Robinson says: “An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak; when you are present in the current moment; when you are resonating with the excitement of this thing that you’re experiencing; when you are fully alive.

#3: To live the moments again

Writing helps us make art of everyday, ordinary moments. In addition to ordinary moments, we all have some pretty moments and we wish to live them again. People create a beautiful amalgamation of moments and words to live those moments again and again.

Source: Gify

#4: To discover the meaning

We write to bring meaning to the world. The psychiatrist Victor Frankl posited that the main search of mankind is not happiness or pleasure but meaning – “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by a lack of meaning and purpose.”

#5. Self motivation

This is the most important reason to write. Writing motivates us in many different ways. It provides us hope when we feel depressed. Writing hones the skill of self-expression and boosts up our confidence.

Mohit Kumar

Writing, I think it's like walking on the stones under the water of a beautiful lake with naked feet, suddenly wind starts blowing and all your emotions just get boost up. A voracious reader and the niche blogger. Enlivened by the blinking words. Loves candid photography and exploring new places. Gets energy from smiling faces.

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