Who Is DSP Davinder Singh? Is RAW Failing To Identify Internal Threats?

In light of the recent events happening in the country over these past few days, the national security of the citizens is often threatened. Questions like who is DSP Davinder Singh? Why he got arrested and many other are rising. So here is an explanation to all your question:

Who is DSP Davinder Singh?

Deputy Superintendent of Police Davinder Singh was the recipient of the Gallantry medal awarded to him for his service by the Jammu and Kashmir state on Independence Day 2018. However, what has changed and made him the most talked-about figure in the New Year? Davinder Singh, who had joined the counter-insurgency Special Operations Group (SoG) of Jammu and Kashmir Police as a sub-inspector, rose quickly to the rank of a DSP; in addition to earning the prestigious police medal for his anti-militancy duties, will now be interrogated by Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing and Military Intelligence teams.

Why was Davinder Singh arrested?

On January 11, 2020, DSP Davinder Singh was arrested for sheltering and transporting, two commanders of the Hizbul Mujahedeen (HM) – a banned militant terrorist unit, along with an advocate Irfan Mir. Shocking right? Despite being the person instilling care and protection, he had made arrangements for these two men to make their way to Delhi undetected. The four were caught with arms and ammunition while they were travelling in a car near Qazigund on the national highway in south Kashmir.

Flash Back to Parliament attacks

His name first emerged when Afzal Guru- the 2001 parliament attacks convict had mentioned his name and levelled serious allegations against him during his trial. Despite these allegations, police officials and intelligence officials dismissed them claiming Guru was making up excuses. Well, who can blame them? He was a trusted police official of high rank, accusing him of a national security threat was just brushed off.

Current Status of investigation:

One of the two terrorists he was harbouring- Naveed Baba was wanted for the killing of 11 civilians after the abrogation of Article 370. The other one was a new recruit Atif. The DSP was discovered to have made a deal of Rs 12 lakh from the terrorists – for transportation, accommodation, safety and other related issues.

The investigation also reveals that Davinder Singh paid three visits to Bangladesh in 2019 and stayed there for many days. Furthermore, as per the source, two of his daughters are currently studying in Bangladesh, but the security agencies fear that the real intention of his visit could be an ISI connection. Sources have also revealed that the education of his daughters might have been sponsored by the ISI as Indians normally do not send their children for higher education to Bangladesh.

The investigation agency is expected to question Davinder Singh to find out whether he met ISI agents in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is presumed that the meetings between Davinder and the ISI agents might have taken place during his stay in Bangladesh.

Surprisingly, J&K police had already announced a bounty of Rs 20 lakh on the head of arrested Hizbul ultra Naveed Babu, but Davindra Singh, instead of arresting him, protected Naveed for a much less amount. This further probes more suspicion as to how deep his connection is with the terrorist agencies.

As the investigation progress more allegation about providing safe passage to other terrorist are coming in the limelight. Besides this, his bank account is also under scrutiny. He is also suspected of having a connection with other terrorist agencies like Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

The recovery of incriminating documents from Davinder Singh’s residence like the area map of an infantry field beside the arms and ammunition, speaks volumes about his association in a larger conspiracy.

What is the role of RAW in the nation’s security?

Research and Analysis Wing, at any given point of time, is not accountable to the parliament of India on any issue. This same provision keeps it out of reach of the Right to Information (RTI) Act. RAW is only accountable to the Prime Minister of the country, and the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Despite knowing all these things of the RAW, people often wonder that the nation’s security is at risk when threats like these go unidentified. When the organization is not answerable to the parliament of India, then why not take action on issues that have been given prior knowledge about?

Apart from land, sea, air and space, there is another area which is cyberspace. Much of our critical infrastructure lies in cyberspace. Cyber-crimes such as hacking, financial fraud, data theft, espionage and many others would, in some instances, amount to terrorist acts. Further, the threat of disruption of financial, rail, air, power, critical information services through cyber-attacks could also be construed as terrorist attacks. RAW has to look over all the avenues and protect our citizens from various threats globally.

So, when trusted personal and police force makes mistakes; it is not easily identified, and such threats are alarming to any country. There are many avenues that the intelligence forces have to keep an eye on that may overlook our country’s immediate problems.

Regarding the arresting of DSP Davinder Singh, the police have been tailgating the activities of the DSP and surprised him. The black sheep and a friend to the terrorists now get the same treatment as those he struck an alliance with by the intelligent bureau. Security agencies now fear deadly nexus between the police and the terrorists is not limited to Davinder Singh alone. There might be other black sheep in the state police force.

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