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Who Holds Power To Take A Life – HIV Or Its Stigma?

In the era of globalisation, India has proved itself with success and prosperity, but it still needs to work on multiple factors when it comes to the health sector. HIV is a stigma which is stuck in the mind of society. Today we will see how this stigma took a life.

Modern life paradox

We have heard it since our childhood that best doctors are found in government hospitals, Then why do wealthy and educated people are more inclined towards private hospitals? Let’s see for its answer in a recent case in Himachal Pradesh. How did an innocent pregnant woman become a victim of doctor’s deeds?

Ankita was a 22-year-old pregnant woman who used to live in Maktot village which is around 140 kilometres away from Shimla. She went to Sanjeevani hospital in Rohru for a regular checkup where a variety of tests were conducted from the in-house lab. Citing the reports, the hospital authority said that she was found HIV positive. Moreover, it was found that she was having bleeding in her uterus tube and was referred to Nehru Kamla hospital, which is a Shimla’s state government hospital for laparotomy surgery

She couldn’t bear with this fact and stressed out and finally went into a coma. Her condition kept on deteriorating and was referred to Indira Gandhi medical hospital, where she was kept in the ventilator. Doctors again conducted the blood test to confirm the reports. The report came, and it turned out, stating that she was HIV negative. However, it was too late as Ankita was in a coma by then.

Isn’t it too much for a 22-year-old girl?

Imagine a girl having complications in her pregnancy, and had to go through a surgery. Then, she and her family had to bear with the mental stress for being HIV positive. To make her situation worse, the ill response and treatment from doctors and hospital staff. She and her family were humiliated, insulted, and ill-treated by doctors and hospital staffs.

Social stigma about HIV

If the well-educated doctors who are working in leading state government hospitals hold such type of attitude towards a person who is suffering from HIV, then how could an average person who is not so well aware of this disease usually behaves.

After witnessing all this, there is only one thing that strikes our mind, and that is CHANGE.

Before bringing and asking for a change in our society, we need to change our thinking and beliefs. We need to spread more awareness about this disease and intensify the feeling of solidarity with HIV patient among the people of our society.

Let’s Answer the paradox

Rich and educated people are more inclined towards private hospitals because the services offered by them are comparatively pleasant. They show much cautious and responsible attitude towards a patient for the sake of the reputation of the hospital. Whereas in government hospitals, lots of work is needed to be done to improve its services. One reason for the inadequate services in government hospitals can be inappropriate funding for the hospital, as most of the funds get in the pockets of corrupted politicians.

Source: Pixabay

What should the government do?

The government should try to bring improvement in these hospitals, along with having some strict rules against the irresponsible attitude towards any patient.

Awareness campaign regarding HIV should also be conducted by the government to remove the evil mentality from society against HIV patients.


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