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Where Are Your Sympathies For Kabul Attack Victims?

The world we live in happens to be a dynamic one, where constant changes take place every minute. Economies go up and down, businesses grow and fail, people inspire others and technology makes new inventions and innovations every day. But at the same time, this happens to be the same world where a number of terrible things happen, may it be riots, or racist and xenophobic attacks, or the worst, terrorist attacks.

The recent terrorist attacks In Manchester has brought out this fact, about how terrorism still prevails and even though we have taken countless measures to prevent such inhuman acts, we still have not been able to control or stop such terrorist attacks. On 22nd May 2017, a suicide bombing was carried out at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. The attacker was identified as Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22- year old British Muslim who detonated a shrapnel-laden improvised explosive device at the exit of the arena after the event. Twenty-three adults and children, including Abedi, were killed and q16 were injured, some critically. Now, as human beings, we condemned this and do not get me wrong, this is a good thing!

We are showing support for the victims of the attack and this show our inner humanity and compassion. Take Priyanka Chopra as an example. The Indian superstar, among other celebrities such as Harry Styles and Ariana Grande, expressed solidarity with the victims. She tweeted, “My thoughts and prayers are with Ariana Grande and everyone who was hurt at the concert in Manchester.” A simple yet emotion provoking tweet, right? She has shown her support for the victims of the attacks. But what if I tell you that we are not as compassionate as we think we are?

Were you aware that on 31st May 2017, a powerful bomb hidden in a sewage tanker exploded in the center of Kabul, the Afghan capital? This blast killed 90 people, and wounded approximately 350 people and damaged embassy buildings. This bomb blast happens to be one of the deadliest in Kabul. This is not the only attack which has taken place in Kabul.

Kabul Terror Attacks
Manchester Terror Attacks

The countless attack has taken place in Kabul and this has resulted from the loss of people all around the world. And how do we show our support for such atrocious attacks? By doing nothing! Even though we show our support to the victims of the attacks which take place around the world, we do not condemn the attacks which take place in the Middle East! This is the truth. Take the Paris attacks as an example. We showed support for the Paris victims and it was a good thing to do so, but around a month later, there were attack son Turkey and did we show our support for the victims? NO! We just remained silent, not acting out. We should realize that even though the Middle East happens to be a place where most terrorist attacks the place and were terrorism arises from, most of the victims of such attacks happen to be Middle Eastern people!

It is our responsibility to show support for all attacks if we are showing support for other attacks too. We should not ignore the attacks such as which have taken place in Kabul and condemn other attacks. Where are your sympathies, Priyanka Chopra? While one school of thought feels that we should show our support to every victim of the attacks, another school of thought is of the opinion that showing support on social media will have no effect on the victims, and it is better to do something for them, rather than showing support for them. As nations all around the world are upgrading their security forces, only time will tell whether we can defeat the evil force of terrorism.

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